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Michelle Obama Style! How Does She Do It?

Most women in politics (on both sides) feel the need to show a very conservative and boring style of dressing, however, Michelle Obama has shaken things up and is dressing the way we feel a woman over 40 should. She’s raised the bar on style after 40!

Lets take a look at some recent photo’s and analyze what she is doing right!

Mo_looking_glamours_in_pink_2Here she is radiant and glowing in a lovely, soft flowing pink floral gown.She has a lovely tone and graceful upper body and she is showing it off just perfectly without looking too sexy.

Mo_on_the_view_2 <When Ms. Obama appeared on, The View, sales of this White House, Black Market dress went off the charts! She certainly found a way to stand out in the middle of some pretty powerful women!

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