Cindy McCain, Looking Totally Glamorous!

First, Michelle Obama, now its Cindy McCain.

I’m excited about how these woman are putting Glam back in politics!

I’ve been watching them and they just  keep looking better and better.

Look at this…out with the old, in with the new.

Mc_and_bush_2This picture is just classic! Here, Laura Bush is in her old fuddy duddy knit suit and then just look at that gorgeous dress McCain has on!!! I love the color on her (not an easy color for most people to pull off) and the way she accessorizes it with jewelry, no belt. Once again, simple elegance.

What can we learn from this?

We know we all have things in our closet that we pull out at certain times, just to get one more wear out of it. Please run to your closets and get rid of those old things! Don’t keep them in there, thinking, I just might need to wear it one day…
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Michelle Obama Style! How Does She Do It?

Most women in politics (on both sides) feel the need to show a very conservative and boring style of dressing, however, Michelle Obama has shaken things up and is dressing the way we feel a woman over 40 should. She’s raised the bar on style after 40!

Lets take a look at some recent photo’s and analyze what she is doing right!

Mo_looking_glamours_in_pink_2Here she is radiant and glowing in a lovely, soft flowing pink floral gown.She has a lovely tone and graceful upper body and she is showing it off just perfectly without looking too sexy.

Mo_on_the_view_2 <When Ms. Obama appeared on, The View, sales of this White House, Black Market dress went off the charts! She certainly found a way to stand out in the middle of some pretty powerful women!

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