5 Spring/Summer Shoes And What To Wear With Them

Deborah BolandShoes styles come and go and so do the fashion guidelines for how to wear them. Long gone are the days of having to match the color of your shoes to your outfit, or pairing dressy shoes with dressy clothes only.

Today a new crop of shoes has inspired an anything goes kind of shoe mentality. Fabulous After 40 stylist Chantelle Collier shows us the five hottest spring/summer shoe styles, and some outfits that work nicely with them.


slip-on sneakers - 5 hottest spring/summer shoe styles


1. The Slip-On Sneaker

This year’s sporty-chic trend has ushered in slip-on sneakers in all styles and colors. This comfortable flat is versatile and easy to wear. Just be sure that the rest of your outfit isn’t overly casual, or you might start to border on frumpy (i.e. no sweats!).

Try the slip-on sneaker with cuffed jeans, a light blazer and a cami in a complementary color for the perfect weekend outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear this casual shoe with a dressier look either. It’s all the rage in Paris. Pair a metallic slip-on sneaker with a floral skirt and a clutch bag for a feminine look that’s sporty and youthful too.

what to wear with brightly colored  shoes - sporty-chic trend


2. Bold and Bright Shoes

If you want to look modern, a bright shoe is the way to go. But with colors so loud this spring you may wonder how to pull this off and look classy, not clownish?  Here are three options:

  • Choose a shoe in the same color family – just a slightly different shade. For example purple and fuchsia or blue and turquoise give you a super chic look.
  • Wear a shoe in a complementary color. Complementary colors are opposite to each other on the color wheel.  For example blue pump and an orange cardigan or red jeans and emerald green pumps.
  • Match your shoes to an accent color – a coral sandal will pick up on the coral in your pattern skirt and make it pop.

what to wear with metallic shoes - classic metallic shades



3. Metallic Shoes

A metallic shoe may seem like a challenge when it comes to styling, but if you pull it off right, it can look quite stunning. The easiest way to work a metallic shoe is to stick to the classic metallic shades: silver and gold. Because they can be paired with any color. Be sure to keep the rest of your look minimal to avoid clashing with your metallic shoe which will draw a lot of attention.

Colored metallic shoes are a fun option if you pair them with an outfit in a complementary color for a bold contrast.  If you’re a beginner when it comes to metallics,  opt for a shoe with a metallic accent such as a metallic heel or toe, with jeans, for a more subtle, daytime flash of glamour.

what to wear with white shoes - white tailored pant


4. Pure White Shoes

Yes, they’re back! White shoes are classic, but can be intimidating to style. So here’s how you do it. White is the most neutral color. It’s a blank canvas for the rest of your outfit. Simply, choose a blazer, blouse or trouser in an accent color, but keep the rest of your look neutral.  If you’re feeling bold enough, go all the way with a tailored white pant, white tank, white shoes and finish off this classic look with a pink blazer and leather accessories.

pumps with jeans - heel-jean combo adds a chic touch



5. High Pumps

There was a time when you wouldn’t dream of walking out of the house in denim and high heels. Today, fashionistas routinely pump up their casual outfits by combining jeans with sexy heels. The heel-jean combo adds a  chic touch to a more relaxed weekend look and is very easy to dress up or down.

What shoes will you be wearing this spring and summer and what will you be wearing them with? I’m looking for photos to post. Please send to myphoto@fabulousafter40.com

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Jenny Barnes says:

    I will probably try all of the looks except the white. I’ve tried this look before and could not pull it off. I already have several pairs of slip on sneakers as they were around last year too. I’m going to seek out a metallic in both a flat and heel. It’s going to be a good fashion season. I’m on the hunt for a high waisted flare trouser (not jeans) but I have not found a pair yet. Any suggestions?

  2. Interesting combinations … I’d have to work some of this into my wardrobe!

  3. Monika Faulkner says:

    Now that we are starting to have some spring-like weather, I am DYING to get my warm-weather shoes out into the sunlight…but with my foot in a cast for another month or so, I’m going to have to wait a while longer yet!! I expect I’ll appreciate them that much more when the day I can wear them finally DOES come!!

  4. Jan tigchelaar says:

    Love the look of high heels and jeans, but can’t wear heels. Could you feature something on looking stylish for those of us who just can’t handle the high heels?

  5. I’m all over the slip on sneakers…I love my leopard print slip ons!

  6. Hi Deborah,
    I was planning on doing a post on the slip on sneaks soon. I love them. As you know, I can’t wear high heels due to my disease, but I have found more companies making comfortable yet stylish footwear. I have 2 pairs so far of the slip ons, one is a leopard print by Sam Eldeman, and they are so cushioned and feel great to wear. I can wear some gladiator sandals, mainly shoes that have cushioin and stability. I love the white shoes with the mostly white look. ..

  7. Angela Short says:

    Love your article on the shoes and the styles.

  8. Wanda in Edmonton says:

    I have a pair of orange wedge sandals very similar to those in your photo. You are absolutely right, they go with anything. This summer, I wore them with everything from shorts to dresses, denim to linen. On top of all the other great things about wedges, they are great anytime you will be attending a function that requires walking on grass. You don’t sink in.

  9. For narrow feet, check donaldjpliner.com – they manufacture in Spain and their sizing runs both a bit long and a bit slim, plus they offer narrow widths in many styles. They are not cheap but you can haunt the site for reductions and additional percentages off. Great shoes, lots of flats, low heels, wedges in addition to beautifully high looks. Great post.And yes to the suggestion for Earthies – they are great, offer an anatomical foot bed for comfort and support.

  10. Emily Lees says:

    I wish somebody would tell the shoe manufacturers that those of us with long skinny feet like cute shoes, too. With an 11 AAAA foot, I am looking at a lifetime of old lady shoes, which ironically are the only ones that are still manufactured in my size.

    • Hi Emily, Have you tried Zappos.com? Sometime Nordstroms on line has narrow shoes too. If you could ever get to NYC and have some custom shoes made they would be worth any price!

  11. Hi Deborah,

    Loved your article about summer shoes – especially ballet flats. My favourites are from Sambag. They do the cutest styles, and are extremely comfortable. I just bought the most divine pair of python skin ballet flats.

  12. I LOVE shoes! Almost once became a shoe designer, but never lost my affection for them. The ones you show here are great, and would suit any woman at almost any age. They look comfortable to wear and so stylish. Thanks for showing us all how we can put a little more zing in our lives!

  13. Patricia says:

    This is a great article. I always have trouble pairing shoes with outfits. Would like to see the same type article for winter wear. Thanks for all your help!

  14. Thanks for these useful ideas :)

  15. I love Privos. They are the perfect combination of style and comfort.
    I also love Earthies. They are stylish shoes with a heel that can be worn all day. By the same people who gave us Earth shoes.