7 Chic Ways To Wear Florals This Spring

Adding florals to your wardrobe is easiest way to start looking more spring-like. This year there’s a bouquet of choices like never before.

Take a look at these new and interesting ways to look blooming beautiful!

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Mixing prints is one of the hottest floral fashion trends for spring.

1. Patchwork Florals

Florals get mixed and matched in new and unusual ways this year. For example, there are mismatched florals,  florals paired with bold stripes, and single floral garments like a floral dress made out of 2 or more floral patterns and colors. Talk about looking like a walking garden!

2. 3D Florals

Florals get artsy and crafty with astounding 3d florals. Clothing with floral appliques pop out at you making you feel like you’ve stepped into a gorgeous garden.

3. Dark Florals

Big, bright florals set against a dark background is a look that’s put down roots. Women are loving this floral style that moody and slightly edgy. If you like the look but want a little more brightness, add some colorful accessories in one of the colors from your dark floral fabric and make your outfit pop. Check out my post on how to style dark florals.

pastel florals spring 2014

4. Pastel Florals

On the opposite end of the floral spectrum are delicate pastels. Once thought of as old lady colors, these delicate shades are back in a modern way. Blush, pale blue, mint green and soft yellow- they’re pretty and polished, but to keep them from looking too precious pair them with brighter accessories in a more saturated hue, or wear them with metallics.

Painterly florals spring 2014 versace

Some of the most popular floral prints in fashion this spring look like they have been handpainted.

5. Painterly Florals

Many of the prettiest florals out there looks like they’ve jumped right off the artist’s canvas.  Some are traditional like they were painted by old masters while others have a bright, fun abstract feel. Either way these brushstroked botanicals are like wearing living art. Stunning!

6. Techno Florals

Graphic flowers in black and white and bold contrasting colors give a mod flower power look to floral fashions. Digital floral patterns are hip and new age. They’re the new statement pieces.

7. Floral Jewelry

Statement necklaces have been hot for a while and some of the prettiest, most artistic ones  this spring are bold and floral. When wearing floral clothing feels  too much, a solid color top or dress with a gorgeous floral statement necklace will give your outfit a botanical boost.

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