9 Hints on How to be Fabulous after 40!

Fashion Flash LavenderYou won’t want to miss any of this week’s little “hints” and tips on how to look and feel Age-mazing™ (our fun word for looking amazing for your age) on the Fashion Flash!

To get the party started, this week’s host and newest member of our group is Une Femme d’une Certain Age, a delightful fashion blog for women over 40, that takes the attitude that life can be sweet no matter what number you are! Some of this weeks topics:

  • A review of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new exercise video
  • How to put a little feminine touch in plus size dressing
  • Stop packing on the pounds with those coffee drinks, here’s how…
  • Are you gaga over glitter?  Find out how to shimmer in this new trend
  • No more excuses of not being able to get to the gym.…you can do this at home….   Enjoy and make sure to comment!

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