Alternative to Shorts? Try a Cute Summer Skirt

Casual dressing is where I see so many women stuck in a rut. It’s tempting just to put on that same pair of shorts, jeans or capris and never bother with trying anything else!

So what’s an alternative if you want to look cute and casual this summer?



How about a skirt?

I wanted something casual, flirty and fun, so I tried this look.

Buy a comfy cotton Tee and pair it with a cute striped skirt with a bit of a flare. Add some cute block heel sandals and this beautiful gold statement necklace and you’ve got a great casual outfit recipe.

Deborah Boland Stripes Fabulous After 40

I love wearing my bold striped skirt with this stretchy Tee because the fitted on top and flare at the bottom really defines your waist and makes you look youthful. It’s the thick, middle-age spread waist that ages us, so anything you can do to show off your waist (or what’s left of it, is good…. LOL!)

If you don’t feel as comfortable in a lot of colors as I do, then I’d say just wear a plain white t-shirt. A white shirt will look fresh and summery and will also really highlight the bold skirt. You can always go for a skirt that’s a little longer too. There are plenty of these around too.

I think you’ll be surprised how comfy this look is and how pretty it makes you feel.  You’ve got to change things up every so often if you want to get out of a style rut.


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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Love the idea of finding skirts to dress up those summer tees!

  2. Crista Reese says:

    This is really cute, but for those of us with hips, it seems this style of skirt would put 10 lbs on us. What style of skirt would be flattering on us hippy girls?

  3. I am in love with skirts! However, my hips & thighs are wide enough that horizontal stripes and a billowy shape are a complete disaster on me. Since I’m on the tall side, I gravitate toward longer A-line shapes. Love these colors!

  4. Pammi Stockton says:

    I love this t-shirt and colorful skirt combo! I would definitely wear it! I see so many middle- aged women in sad, saggy Capri pants – – – to me this is a much more attractive alternative. I agree with another – – – you must have a fresh pedicure if wearing sandals.

  5. Karen Wheeland says:

    I would not wear this skirt because of the horizontal stripes. I like to wear longer skirts that flow easily with a longersof t-shirt and a unique necklace or pin. I like to wear sandles in the summer, but must have a pedicure. I think that they are much cooler then pants and shorts and so easy to move in. You look great in the bright colors but with my red hair and fair skin they always seem to wash me out. My favorite sandles are by John Pilner, they are simple, come in lots of colors and so comfortable to walk in – and they always go on sale in August. They last forever and wear well that they seem to last forever.

  6. Louise Vincent says:

    Looks great when you have great legs. As with all summer fashion sadly I have to stay in the pants – dreadful varicose and spider veins even on my feet. Have to stay covered right to the ankle.

  7. Corinne Garrett says:

    I wear this look. I have three skirts in this same style and length that I pair with t-shirts and heels. The look never fails to snag compliments. Perfect for luncheons and shopping with the girls – a cooler alternative than jeans for our hot summers in Florida!

  8. eve casad says:

    Looks so cute on Deborah but I think unless you’re thin, the pleating, fullness and big horizontal stripes could be unflattering.

  9. You look fabulous, dear Deborah! The colours are lovely and fresh and the fuller skirt looks light and airy – perfect for a warm summer’s day.
    I went shopping the other day in a summer dress and actually counted how many women wore dresses or skirts compared to those in jeans, bermudas or shorts. The answer: 2!!!
    Obviously too many women feel dresses and skirts look too dressed up but I find them equally comfortable and will always prefer them to trousers if the weather allows. Our cold season lasts too long and I have to wear trousers most of the time then.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  10. Kim Geiger says:

    Love your tips and ideas!

  11. Being shorter (5.2) although the length may be fine, the waist is often in the wrong place and because I don’t have sylph like hips the skirt sticks out in an unbecoming manner, or the dress bunches up above the waist. It’s not easy finding nice dresses that fit the body,for shorter ladies unless they are from a ‘petite’, usually more expensive, source. Legs aren’t that pretty either, but let’s not go there!

    • Sandi Whitesel says:

      Tricia, try Wallis. They have good petite section. I just got a beautiful maxi dress from them, that fit perfect and was delivered very quickly (just under 2 weeks, I am western Canada) They have really good discounts on now too.
      I am 5.2 as well.

  12. I have “batwing” arms. Finding a casual summer dress with sleeves or a top with sleeves for a skirt is very difficult. Is my only alternative to add a shrug? Besides often doubling the price of the dress, it doesn’t seem quite as cool for a hot summer day.

    • I agree! SO many women after 50 experience this upper arm change but where are the summer dresses, the formal dresses, and summer tops that provide upper arm coverage? I found two summer dresses at Macy’s (INC) that are short and light weight with 3/4 sleeves. Zappos had one. Slim pickins’!

    • There are 3/4 sleeve options out there! Great for us bat wing girls!

  13. I agree with you on the dresses vs shorts. Last summer I would throw on a little summer “frock” on the weekends instead of shorts and I got tons of compliments. But, as usual for Delaware, I got a lot of “Why are you so dressed up?”, which was sooooo funny because I really wasn’t!

  14. This is an excellent idea, I wish my knees weren’t so banged up or I would wear more short dresses and skirts as opposed to shorts.

  15. You look great and ready for hotter weather.