How To Bowl Them Over In Black And White Stripes

Have you ever talked about something and then started seeing it pop up everywhere you go?

Since I last blogged about bold black and white stripes they have shown up in so many places, in so many forms. This is one trend that is going strong. Here a couple of classy, but casual ways to wear the look.

black and white striped dress

1. Try a Black and White Striped Dress

If you thought big bold stripes weren’t for you, this look may change your mind. This is a fantastic dress for two reasons:

  • It’s a fit and flare shape- so flattering on everyone.
  • The stripes are arranged in such a way that they camouflage trouble spots and highlight your best features. You see, dark recedes and light colors advance. By having dark at the tummy and bust where you might have some midlife weight, and highlighting the rest with white stripes, you camouflage your problem spots and create the illusion of a shapely, youthful figure.

In the old days (does that sound bad? – you know what I mean) you might of added a gold necklace and a black bag, but today it’s chic to punch up your outfit with some bright color. The orange bag and mint necklace are two of spring’s top colors according to Pantone and so they’re  just perfect to go with this look. Check out this dress and some others below.

 2. Get Yourself a Striped Jacket

A gal can never have too many cute jackets. They give you structure the same way a hanger gives clothing shape. A black and white striped jacket like this is very versatile. I just bought one  the other day and it’s so soft and comfy like a sweater that I’m sure I will be wearing it everywhere.

We’re using the same styling principle here that we used in the first example. Mix up black and white with other colors than what’s obvious. You can go with a  bright like this lime green top which will really make your stripes look modern. A neutral bottom keeps things balanced.

Will you be wearing stripes this Spring?


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