Block Heels – Taking Fashion Over 40 To New Heights

orange-pink black heel shoe

orange-pink black heel shoe

It’s as if fashion has finally tuned into what our crowd has been wanting for a long time…. fab shoes with a lower heel that don’t hurt your feet, but still looks stylish. and chic. Welcome block heels!

Although I’ve always loved high, skinny heels and wore them throughout my 20’s and 30’s, when I got into my 40’s things changed. My lifestyle shifted and became more casual. I was working from home and being a mom and  didn’t have any reason to wear heels unless I was dressing up for a conference or business meeting.

These days I find that I’m a little out of practice walking around in skinny heels, and in truth, I’m not really interested in them so much anymore, except to wear on special occasions. That’s because they’re just not comfortable or practical for running errands, shopping, meeting friends, etc.

However, on the other hand, I don’t want to feel like an old lady wearing flats all the time, either. Shoes with block heels  are a great in-between.

black-patent block heel shoe

black-patent block heel shoe

Typically they’re low to medium height (although there are lots of higher ones out there too).  The advantage is  that no matter what the height, because the heel is wide, square and chunky, these kind of shoes feel better on your feet and are much easier to walk in.

They also give you those extra few inches that you don’t get from flats, elongating your legs and making you look taller and slimmer. Yay for that!

Very practical, I’d say and they can be quite lovely. I say “can” because while some  look totally chic, others make me think of my Nana’s shoes. Yup, my Nana always wore these type of shoes (so does the Queen). Maybe yours did too?

They’re kind of 60’s/70’s mod which means the young gals have never seen them before and think they are so cool. Me,  I do like some of them very much, while others give me flashbacks and turn me off completely.

Here are some interesting block heels I came across researching this trend. Please comment below and let’s do a poll, do you like block heels over 40? Will you be wearing them this spring?

Pretty Proper

Here’s what I have been talking about. These might work for you, but for me, too grandma. I’m not one for bows and frilly stuff and I  like a bit more of a heel.

These pumps are a little too proper for my taste and lifestyle, but maybe these are perfect for you?

nude block heel for over 40 women

nude block heel for over 40 women

Sexy Slingback

I’ve always had a soft spot for slingbacks. There is something really sexy about them, especially when they also have a super pointy toe. That pointy toe really elongates your legs and the gold color acts like a neutral and goes with everything.

Don’t know if you noticed, but the heel is silver, so you have that color block effect of gold/copper/silver which makes these pumps very modern.

gold slingback for over 40 woman

gold slingback for over 40 woman

Playful and Fun

Here’s a more dramatic version of that color block shoe I was mentioning. This slingback sandal comes with a higher heel too. You’ve got a platform and a large heel on which to spread out your weight, so if you do prefer a heel, this one is better than a skinny minnie one.

Tip: Keep your pedicure understated, even neutral with this shoe. Can you visualize red toes with this shoe? It would be too much and compete with the shoe.

Remember great style is a balancing act.

blue block heel pump over 40

blue block heel pump over 40

Winter White

It’s summer but these winter white shoes are a great choice. White shoes haven’t been in for a long time but suddenly they are back and that’s a good thing because they look really fresh.

I prefer this off white shade. White-white can be so stark that they often make the shoes look cheap. These sandals are a great all-round practical shoe that will go with everything and any color.

cream block heel shoe for women over 40

cream block heel shoe for women over 40

My Faves!

I really like these. I know I was complaining about high heels but again, it ‘s the skinny ones that hurt your feet. These heels are chunkier and more balanced, so they’re more comfy.

I love this caramel color that looks so good on your foot whether you are tanned or not, and that touch of orange just sings summer. The tropical weave on this sandal is classy and relaxed.

block heel sandal for women over 40

block heel sandal for women over 40

Conservative, but Not Boring

Here’s a block heel shoe that is a sleek and sophisticated choice for the woman who wants a really minimum height and total comfort. These shoes would be a great choice for the office.

black and tan block heel pump

black and tan block heel pump

Crystal Clear Choice

Do you see the little crystals on the block heel? Kind of different isn’t it?

This classy satin pump is on the dressy side for sure, but I think it would make an excellent mother of the bride or groom shoe. That is a day when a woman really wants comfort more than anything, but she also wants to look memorable. These shoes will do the trick.

mother of the bride shoe with crystals

mother of the bride shoe with crystals

Block Heels with a Rock Vibe

If you want to add a little bit of a casual rock n’ roll vibe to your outfit, these block heels are a great choice. The studs give these sandals a slighty tough look. It’s always nice to add a little edginess to an outfit that is too perfect because perfect is boring. These are fun.

black stud shoe

black stud shoe

Quality  Counts

Quality shoes speak volumes and these sandals are a good example. They’re casual but rich looking which is the look many stylish women over 40 are aiming for.

classy sandal for women over 40

classy sandal for women over 40


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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Undoubtedly these sandals and shoes are all very comfortable. However, there is always this thin line between stylish and granny style.
    I like your faves and also the sling-backs or the pink ones but wouldn’t even try on the DvF sandals …

    • Thanks for your comments Annette. I always try to show a pair I like and some that are not for me too because everyone has a different style and there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion and expressing your inner self via your wardrobe.

  2. Maissaa Zahran says:

    I always did like block heels. They were so in in the late 90’s as well, and I was less than thirty then and sill loved them. I think they are a classic look, much more practical and I think the right ones may even give a more professional look than the narrow heels. So it is a welcome comeback as far as I am concerned. Plus I don’t think they necessarily give an old vibe (not that old is bad) it depends on the overall style and color.

  3. Wanda Jollymore says:

    I still wear heels and even the occasional platform wedge shoe. I am petite and not a big fan of flats, but i do like a low block heel as an alternative to a flat. I wear plain, low block heel shoes with leggings and a tunic or with a short skirt or dress. I find the look just slightly more elongating than flats, which tend to make my legs look like they end an inch sooner. My basic black ones are wearing out, so I must look for a replacement pair while the selection and quality is good.

  4. Shirlee Miller says:

    Ummmm, nice shoes, but any recommendations for more affordable options?

  5. I love the block heels in all shapes and sizes. I can’t wear any kind of stilletto since an illness left me with limited mobility in my ankles. The block heals are perfect for that. I actually kind of liked the little beige ones with bows, they almost look like little ballet shoes, but I absolutely adore the first ones with lots of colour, great for summer. The sling back were super cute too. I think it really depends what you match any of these with – the retro look could look cool and not grandmaish with the right outfit.

  6. While block heels are practical I feel that they age a woman drastically. As a 47 yr old I want to look fabulously hip . A block heel no matter how pretty the rest of the shoe it does indeed make one look older . They are more for a woman in her … Maybe mid to late 60’s and over. There is no way to dress a block heel that will look younger unless it is a stiletto type .

  7. Linda H says:

    I just bought a pair of adorable silver sandals to wear with a red dress on a cruise. The approx 2″ high heel is a block heel and now I can wear them with confidence that I found out here that they are stylish even if they aren’t skinny heels. Yea! Thank you Fab after 40!

  8. Love the New Egizia Slingback Sandals but the ones by Diane Von Furstenberg look almost exactly like the ones my grandmother wore. I am hesitant to go down that road yet.

    I am glad to see this trend because the block heels are so comfortable and easy to walk in.

    • Wanda Jollymore says:

      You might be surprised at how nice they would look. I have a similar pair that are about 2 years old. Mine are red. I wore them today with a red T-shirt dress of heavy acetate knit and got a ton of compliments on them. I have come to realize that sometimes things look better on me than they do on the rack or in the box.