Look Chic in a Short Haircut – Here’s How

Pamela Anderson did it, same with Robin Wright. Halle Berry has been doing it for years. These 40+ gals chopped off their locks and now sport sexy, short hairstyles.

pamela anderson short haircuts for women over 40

Pamela Anderson’s has made very short haircuts for women over 40 very popular.

If you are feeling the itch to go short and chic, but aren’t sure if it will suit you, then you need to read this advice.

Celebrity Stylist Billy Lowe has some things for you to think about before you get the big chop.

Billy: One of the biggest issues a woman faces when she decides to cut her hair short is body consciousness.  I’m not talking head & shoulders. It’s everything including facial features, your neckline, even your headshape and how your hair frames your face.  For example:

A Short Cut = A New Headshape

You’ve got to remember that if you’ve had longer hair all your life and you decide to go short – your entire head will appear to have a completely different shape than before (usually it will be a lot rounder looking). This means you have to be very careful of any cuts or styles that look like a helmet or a bowl.

Remember Sally Field’s famous line in Steele Magnolias:   “Shelby was right.  It does look like a brown football helmet!” Continue Reading

Gloss and Toss Shine Serum For Hair Like a Celebrity

Gloss & TossOK ladies it’s back to school, back to work, another holiday is here upon us and …………..   So what could be better than quick and easy hairstyle tips for the season   to save time and make your life easier? Well, I caught up with my friend, Hollywood hair stylist Billy Lowe, who filled me in with the season’s dish – AND his hot new product GLOSS & TOSS which is making headlines everywhere.

Deb: So tell me Billy – what’s new in the hair world?

Billy: It’s always so great to catch up w/ the ladies of Fabulous after 40, and now that I’ve crossed that threshold myself, it’s even more special.  The summer was certainly busy and I can’t believe another year end is upon us – kids are back to school, the activities lists just seem to get longer and longer, and another holiday season is right upon us.

Deb: And with all of that – you’ve developed your own product? Continue Reading

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