Winter Beauty Tips For Women Over 40

Winter Skin Care Over 40Frigid temperatures, indoor heating, and low humidity can strip skin and hair of their moisture. As the temperatures drop, some of us may need to modify our makeup and skincare routines. Today’s guest blogger Cindy Ingalls from PrimeBeauty has some tips for us for us to adjust to the weather.

Cindy: I know my face has been feeling like the Sahara desert already and my hands are like sandpaper. Here’s what can help:

1.   Consider a tinted lip balm instead of lipstick. Lipstick can be drying; by using a tinted balm your lips will stay moisturized and still pretty with a bit of color.

2.   Switch to a lighter shade of foundation. With less sun your skin will naturally lose some color and your foundation should too. There’s nothing worse than foundation that doesn’t match your skin–it should always look natural with no line of demarcation.

3.   Use bronzer but sparingly. Apply on the forehead, across the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin where the sun would naturally kiss your face. It will warm up your face and give it a nice glow. Hint: bronzer is also available in cream and gel formulas but powder is pretty much fool-proof as long as you use a light hand and a big fluffy brush. IT Cosmetics makes a very natural, matte bronzer I like. Continue Reading

5 Make-Up Mistakes That Make You Look Old

woman over 40What’s one of the biggest make-up mistakes that makes you look old?

It’s not wearing concealer.

As we age we start getting dark raccoon -like shadows under our eyes and blotchy skin with age spots. Smooth, even toned skin can help you drop ten years.  A little dab of concealer under your eyes, on brown patches and in those marionette folds around the mouth,  can really soften things up even if you don’t want to wear foundation over top. Continue Reading

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