Latest Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Deborah BolandI have a friend and every time we get together all we talk about is HAIR. We ask each other, “Is my hair too long, how’s the color, do you like the way I’ve styled it? Do you think I should change it?”

We spend hours dissecting and analyzing every last detail about our current hairdos. Why?

As my wise friend says, “Looking good…… It’s ALL about the hair.”

I have to agree. When you hair isn’t right, nothing feels right.

classic hairstyles for women over 40

A classic hairstyles for women over 40



A bad hair day makes you want to hide out because you feeling like the biggest frump on the planet, while a good hair day puts a bounce in your step, and gives you that shot of confidence to want to take on the world.

Hair is a woman’s greatest accessory and makes more of an impression than you’d think. Studies show that when someone meets your for the first time, they remember your hair more than anything else, including what you are wearing.

This is because hair frames your face. Psychologists have proven that different hairstyles on the same face produce vastly different first impressions.

All this confirms why it’s important to keep your hair updated and very well-groomed, especially after 40 when the dullness starts to set in and hair becomes more coarse and thin.

How should you wear your hair, as you head north of 40 so that you look modern, gorgeous and totally shake-your-head fabulous? Continue Reading

Which Hairstyle For Mother Of The Bride Is Best?

mother of the bride hair

Short hairstyles for mother of the bride, like this one, work. Just keep it soft. Photo: Kate Callahan photography

Is you son or daughter getting married this summer? Have you picked out your mother of the bride/groom dress, but still aren’t sure about what to do with your hair?

Celebrity Hairstylist Billy Lowe has these tips for mother of the bride hairstyles that will make you look elegant, modern and picture perfect for those all important family wedding photos.

Billy: Hello Fabulous after 40 Ladies. It’s a pleasure to be back here on the site and discuss all your beauty questions right here from the red carpet.

Deborah tells me that many of you have questions on “mother of the bride hairstyles” especially with wedding season right here upon us so I thought I’d share a little with you.

First – Don’t Overdo It

There are many other things that you need to think about so don’t get carried away worrying about your hair. Remember, the focus of beauty is truly on the bride. All the raves and “AHA’s” on wedding day should be for the her. Wedding days are not the time to take the stage unless you’re the bride. Anything can happen on wedding day and I’ve just about seen it all. Keep the bride in the spotlight and support her on this special day.

Be Yourself

It’s how everyone knows you. Soft roller sets and smoothed out tresses help flatter you the most and the wedding photos may not be the best time to explore a new “do.” Continue Reading

Help! I Need A Low Maintenance Hairstyle

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