Dr. Jaliman’s Lowdown On Anti-Aging Creams

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What do you really need in an anti-aging cream?

Are you as confused as I am about the thousands of anti-aging beauty creams out there and their endless lists of scientific age-defying ingredients? It’s enough to make a gal throw her hands up in the air and say, “Forget it all.. just pass me a little vaseline please.”

We all want to keep our skin looking dewy and fresh, but what how do you know what you really need in a cream, and what you don’t?

I finally go that answer at the MORE magazine Re-invention convention where I heard dermatologist to the stars, and very pretty lady, Dr. Debra Jaliman M.D. spill the beans.  She gave me the simple, uncomplicated list of ingredients to make us look Fabulous after 40.

To Stimulate the production of collagen-( collagen is what creates structure for skin to hang on- more collagen, the more firm your skin )  buy creams with peptides

For dry skin use creams with Hylauronic Acid Continue Reading

Why Did Michelle Obama’s Botox Comment Hit Such A Nerve?

Michelle-ObamaLast week Michelle Obama made news by not ruling out having plastic surgery or using Botox one day. “Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves,” the First Lady told People magazine in an interview on the cusp of her 50th birthday.

News organizations from around the world jumped on the story. Judging by the number of headlines in pretty much every major (and not so major) media outlet, I doubt Michelle could have grabbed more attention if she had said, “I’m thinking of becoming a Republican.”

Comments from all camps started pouring in right away. There were the politicos who thought that given that she’s the First Lady of the United States, it’s wrong for her to get Botox because tax payers would be the ones footing the bill for her “work”.

There were the downright nasty ones, saying things like, “Whatever she wants. She can use the help.” And, as expected, there were those who used the First Lady’s comments to pick up on the endless debate about whether it is right for women, especially those of a certain age, to be so concerned with their appearance. Continue Reading

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