5 Make-Up Mistakes That Make You Look Old

woman over 40What’s one of the biggest make-up mistakes that makes you look old?

It’s not wearing concealer.

As we age we start getting dark raccoon -like shadows under our eyes and blotchy skin with age spots. Smooth, even toned skin can help you drop ten years.  A little dab of concealer under your eyes, on brown patches and in those marionette folds around the mouth,  can really soften things up even if you don’t want to wear foundation over top. Continue Reading

Is Your Eye Make-Up Aging You?

too much make-up over 40Heavy black eyeliner, frosted, heavily shadowed lids, no mascara or gobs of the clumpy stuff. These are the eye make-up mistakes that can drag down aging eyes and make you look exhausted and dated.

How should you make-up your eyes at 40+ so you look bright-eyed and youthful? Fabulous After 40 celebrity make-up artist Sana Young has talked with me about this and has these helpful tips.

Deborah BolandDeb: Sana, what’s causing our eyes to look so tired after 40?

Sana: After 40 there are many changes taking place with your eyes. You are getting wrinkles, skin above the eyes is drifting down and often the eyes get darker and can start to look sunken. So we need to start making adjustments to the way we do our eye make-up. Continue Reading

Missing Part of Your Eyebrow? Here’s How to Fill It In

Missing Eyebrow

Hi Deborah, I've been reading your post on eyebrows and wonder if you can give me any advice on what can be done for sparse eyebrows? Several years ago I had a large mole removed from one … Continue Reading

Help for Your Raccoon-Like, Dark, Undereye Circles

dark circles

Waking up with dark circles under your eyes is not the most fun morning surprise, and the older I get the more it seems to be happening. I talked with celebrity make-up artist Sana Young to find … Continue Reading

Look Real in Faux Eyelashes

faux eyelashes debra messing

Long False Eyelashes, once the magic beauty tool of models and movie stars, have gone mainstream. That's great news for gals 40, 50 and beyond whose natural lashes are usually starting to thin, get … Continue Reading

Mascara -Tricks to Apply and Make It Stay Put

how to apply mascara

Last post I chatted with celebrity make-up artist Sana Young about how to have thicker, fuller more youthful lashes. This time, we're talking mascara. What was once a simple flick of a wand has … Continue Reading

Fatten Up Your Over Forty Lashes

long lashes over 40

If you notice your eyes are looking a little "bald" these days, blame it on your thinning eyelashes. As we hit our forties our lashes become sparse and more fragile, making our eyes look small and … Continue Reading

Self Tanning Tips – What You Need to Know to Avoid Looking Fake

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