5 Ways to Wrap Your Head Around Wearing Wide Leg Trousers

If there ever was a tricky trend, the new wide leg trousers are it. They’re cropped, they’re voluminous, and although they look fabulous on the runway, they can be pretty intimidating to wear in real life.

The worry is that unless you are a tall skinny minny, wide pants are going to make you look dumpy and as wide as a house. How do you wrap your head around this new trend and make them work for you? Here are 5 ways to look fabulous in wide leg trousers.


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1. Proportion is Key

Wide leg pants  are not for everyone, but if you want to try them make sure they fit right. They need to end far above the ankle ( at least 5 inches)  and high on your waist, otherwise they can overwhelm your frame and look sloppy. This is especially true if you are petite.  According to Vogue, wide leg trousers may be voluminous but they should be “kicky” meaning they need to fit right to give you that oomph! Continue Reading

5 Shoes To Make Your Legs Go On For Miles

You may not have been born with the longest of legs, but don’t let that bother you. If you want to have killer legs that are long and lean, you just have to know a few shoe tricks. Here are 5 styles of shoes that can streamline your legs and make them look like they go on for miles.

pointy toed shoes

1. Choose Pointy Toe

High heels are the most obvious way to make your legs look long and lean, but did you know that a pointy toe they will also give you  few extra inches? Any pointy toe shoe, with a high heel or even a flat heel extends your  legs beyond your toes.  Round or square toe don’t do that.

nude shoes

Nude shoes add inches.


2. Go Nude

The color of your shoes can also change how long your legs appear.  Choose a nude shoe – a shoe in a shade very close to your own skin tone, to create a seamless transition between your leg and the shoe and elongate your legs.

low vamp vs. high vamp shoes

3. Wear  a Low Vamp Shoe

The more that is skin exposed, the longer your leg will look, so it makes sense that if you want glamazon legs you should wear a shoe with a low vamp. The lower cut the shoe, the longer your legs look.

D'Orsay shoes

4. Try a d’Orsay 

Here’s one you may not thought of, but it works well too. The d’Orsay pump with its cutaway side exposes more skin than a regular shoe, balancing out thick ankles and highlighting the sexy arch of the foot. Viola! Long lean legs.


Jennifer Lawrence showing off her legs in peep-toe pumps.

5. Slip On a Peep Toe

Similar to the d’Orsay, the peep toe shoe reveals more skin than a closed toe, but this time at the tip of your foot. A peeptoe draws the eye to the front of the foot and gives your legs a bit of extra stretch.

Enjoy showing off those gorgeous gams!

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