Street Chic From Fabulous After 40 Styleblazers

Sure it’s great to see what’s coming down the runways, but street chic is where it’s really at. Have you met these over 40 Bloggers who spend much of their time bringing you their best real life 40+ looks? I call them Fabulous After 40 Styleblazers, and I’ve profiled over 40 of them in the last year.

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If you have missed reading my interviews with any of them, now is the time to get caught up and inspired for fall. Get to know:

Beth from San Fransisco, who understands Style at a Certain Age

Carelia, from My Small Wardrobe – originally from Honduras and now residing in North Carolina

Sue, A Vancouver fashionista with a flair for sewing who believe life is A Colorful Canvas.

Adrienne, a Sonoma Valley blogger with a Rich Life on a Budget

Be sure to read their fascinating Styleblazer Features and others. Here are the links to more Over 40 Fashion Bloggers I have profiled as part of this series.

40+ Styleblazers – Looking Good and Feeling Confident

Fabulous After 40 Styleblazers Share Their Style Secrets

Meet the 40+ Styleblazers Behind What I Wore Posts

Style Over 40 from Fabulous After 40 Readers and Fashion Bloggers

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