Thanksgiving Travel Outfits That Get You Home in Style

Are you headed home for the holidays and dreading the noisy crowds, long drawn out security checks and the jam-packed airplane?

One way to help lessen your stress is to dress as simply and as comfortably as you can. Here’s how to look and feel more relaxed without sacrificing style.

green trench for traveling

Shop this look: 

Be Kind To Your Feet

There’s no way around it. At the airport, you are going to be doing a ton of walking, so make sure you’re sensible, not silly about your choice of shoes. These soft, comfy quilted sneakers will take you from terminal to terminal with a smile on your face. Plus, they’re slip on, which means no fumbling with laces or zippers when it’s time to do your security scan. Continue Reading

Holiday Gifts Under $50

It won’t be long before everyone is hitting the malls in search of the perfect Christmas gift for that special person on their list.

If you want to get a head start to pick up something really cute and unique, then skip the Black Friday madness and take a look at these darling gifts that you can order online. This is the first of several gift guides I will be posting over the next few weeks. I thought I’d start with Gifts Under $50.

Could there be something here that you’d also like to find in your stocking and need to drop Santa a hint about? (HO HO) Enjoy!

holiday-gifts-under-50-dollarsPillow | Gloves | Lip Gloss | Wrap | Mug | Shortbread Tin | Skincare Set | Planner

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