Best Summer Hats for Bad Hair Days

Dear Deborah,
Summer is here, and I need a hat I can throw on when I go out in the sun, or for when I’m having a bad hair day. Do you have any suggestions for an alternative to a baseball cap?

Thanks! Sandy G. Austin, TX.

Hi Sandy,

What a great question. This is something we all struggle with, especially with summer humidity!  Here are a few ideas for summer hats.

The Fedora 

Fedoras are very popular because they ooze effortless chic. Popular over-40 style icon Jennifer Aniston wears fedoras all the time.

What’s the secret for to wearing a hat like this and making it work?

  • Wear Fedoras with super-casual pieces, like slightly faded jeans and fitted t-shirts. This is a super-stylish daytime look you really should try. It’s perfect for running errands, going to brunch, and more.

how to wear a fedora

  • Throw one on with a maxi dress– it makes the perfect topper because it’s more unexpected than a floppy hat with these ’70s-inspired pieces, giving your look a fresh spin. It also provides just enough sun coverage for barbeques and other outdoor events.
  • Style a fedora with masculine pieces. Since fedoras are borrowed from the boys, they go perfectly with shorts, tees, blazers and button-up shirts.

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Color Blocking – How to Get the Look with Accessories

If you like the idea of color blocking but you can’t see yourself in a bright colors from head to toe, there are other easy ways to get the look. Even a nod to the trend will make you look current. Check out these popular color blocked tops and accessories.

Wow and Wearable!

Color blocking on the runway is often over the top. An everyday way to get in on this trend is to wear a color blocked top with black pants. You’ll look confident, fashionable, but not too out there.

coral color block top - Color blocking

color blocked top

Wrap it Up

A sunny scarf like this against white is a beautiful way add a shot of bright to an ordinary look.

sunny scarf - bright to an ordinary look

sunny scarf

It’s a Shoe in!

A  color blocked shoe is a subtle way to get the color blocked look.

blue color block shoe - color blocked look

blue color block shoe

Zip it up in a  Color Block Jacket

Here’s a slimming look, a color blocked jacket over top of all black creates a long, lean line that makes you look taller and trimmer.

color blocked jacket - look taller and trimmer

color blocked jacket

Let your Bag do the Color Blocking.

This is perfect when you want just a touch of the trend. Plus, this bucket style bag is hot at the moment.

black white taupe color block bag - touch of the trend

bucket style bag

If Bright Colors Scare You..

Then try color blocking neutral shades. Gray and white are gentle. Pastels are very much in style too.You can find more color blocked dresses in my post about how color blocking can magically shape your body!

gray color block dress - magically shape your body

color blocked dresses


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