Fetching Floral Dresses Signal Spring is Here!

It’s barely spring and the flowers are already blooming… in the stores at least. Feminine dresses in pretty floral patterns are everywhere.

One of the most popular styles is the classic sheath. Sheath dresses are elegant, fresh, modern and youthful.  They’ve always been my personal favorite! Here’s a look at what I’m seeing in the garden of fashion. Continue Reading

Safari Style Clothing- The New Chic

Women's Safari clothing by Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 - Monchromatic safari

Women’s Safari clothing by Ralph Lauren Spring 2015


Safari style clothing is far from new but this spring, it’s back in a fresh and modern way. How do you wear it?  Try:

  • Monchromatic safari – all one color or slightly varying shades of one color make a strong and slimming statement.
  • Safari Inspired Clothing with some shine– Safari  has never been so glamorous.
  • Suede safari – This is a new twist to have suede in spring
  • Classic neutrals mixed together (taupe, tan, brown, olive, black)
  • Neutral safari pieces mixed with bold brights like yellow and orange even blue – this makes it fashion forward
  • wide belts

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navy color block dress

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Maxi Dresses To Cover Your 40+ Arms

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Hi Deborah, I love maxi dresses! I remember wearing them in the 60's and 70's. My daughter always tells me, "If you wore the style the first time around, you shouldn't wear it when it comes … Continue Reading

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So Right Now – The Midi Skirt

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Alternative to Shorts? Try a Cute Summer Skirt

Deborah Boland

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