Figure Flattering Spring Dresses For Women Over 40

Black and white dressAfter a long, cold winter of pants and bulky sweaters, it’s a thrill to shed those heavy layers and throw on a pretty spring dress. But with so many choices out there, how do you know which dress is best?

Before you fall in love with the color, vibe or even the price of a dress, you need to take a long, hard look at the style. Does it suit your shape?  Finding a dress that flatters YOUR body type is the key to looking wow!

Here are 3 styles of spring dresses for women over 40 that are guaranteed to work for you.

1. The Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is class all the way. It’s a long, lean body skimming dress that encases your body, enhances your curves or creates them where there are none. This elegant style is typically sleeveless with strong waist definition and a back slit or pleats.

It is unfussy and is a fabulous choice for work or anytime you are going to an important event and aren’t sure what to wear. Michelle Obama is famous for her sheath dresses.



Sheath Dresses are perfect for:

  • hourglass figures- show off the curves you have at their best
  • boyish or thick waisted figures- creates the illusion of an hourglass

Sheath Dresses are tricky to wear if:

  • your body is not proportionate
  • you have a large protruding tummy

Find out why else I love a sheath dress!

2. The Shift Dress

A shift dress is the kind of dress every woman wants in her closet because it is easy and comfortable. It’s sort of like wearing a  long top.  It hangs loose from the shoulders (sometimes has darts) and falls straight down to above the knee with no waist definition.

Shift dresses can be sleeveless, have short or long sleeves and usually they usually have high scoop or boatneck neckline. Since they are loose they give off a casual, relaxed vibe and are excellent for covering up problem areas because they give your body room to “shift around.”



Shift Dresses are perfect for:

  • anyone with a boyish, straight up and down, rectangular figure
  • gals with a thick midsection
  • women with a jelly belly or large hips or thighs who need something loose

Shift dresses are tricky to wear if you:

  • are very curvy because they will hide your hourglass figure- although you can try belting one.
  • wear one that is too baggy- slightly tailored with a slight A-line flare is best so you don’t look like you are wearing a bag
  • wear one too that’s short- Shift dresses are on the short side and if you have large thighs, you will look heavy. The solution is to add tights or leggings. They look great with shift dresses.


3. The Fit and Flare Dress

The fit and flare is one of the most popular silhouettes this spring and it’s no wonder. It has a fitted top with a very defined waist and a flared skirt. This style will make you look very shapely and is a godsend is you have a heavy lower half. It’s very feminine and pretty.



Fit and flare dresses are perfect for:

  • balancing out a bigger bust – the wide skirt can even you out creating an hourglass
  • concealing wide hips or heavy thighs
  • giving everyone curves especially women with boyish, no waist shapes

Fit and flare dresses can be tricky to wear if you

  • want to look sophisticated. Some look little girly if they are too short or depending on the pattern.

Will you be buying a new spring dress. Comment below and let me know which type?



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