Tall Black Boots – Sexy For Fall

After 40, 50 and beyond you want to look classy, you want to look chic, and you also want a look a little bit sexy.

How do you communicate that in a tasteful, grown-up-gal way?

Plunging necklines that dive desperately deep,  or thigh high skirts designed for teenagers are not the answer.

One of the best ways to look modern and sexy is to buy yourself a pair of tall, black dress boots.



This season there’s 3 heights to choose from:

  • tall – classic, to the knee
  • taller- over the knee cap
  • tallest- way above the knee to the thigh!!

How high do you go? All three can work. Here are some tips for how to wear black tall boot,s no matter what height you choose:

  • If you want height but heels kill your feel, try a wedge or platform heel.
  • Leather is the most versatile kind of black boot.
  • A pointy toe boot is dressier than a rounded toe.
  • Zippers on boots add a sporty vibe.
  • Equestrians style boots with buckles have a refined, casual feel and look good with traditional styles, especially shirts and blazers.
  • Suede boots that pull on like a glove are very sexy and elegant.
  • Over the knee boots work with dresses, but also look good tucked in to jeans and worn with a big, soft blouse.
  • Wear over the knee black boots with dark opaque stockings to avoid looking too “pretty woman” (racy).
  • Black suede boots pair best with black opaque stockings. Black leather boots can be worn with varying thickness of hose but look modern with opaque.

Capes – Runway to Reality

fairytale inspired capeDid you see those gorgeous, fairytale inspired capes that swooped down runway for fall?  The embroidery, beading and detail on them were extraordinary, even though they’re totally impractical for the average gal.

If you  like the idea of wearing a cape, but need something less theatrical, then you’ll be happy to know that this season there’s a cape for everyone.

Once you start shopping you’ll find everything from classic, camel wool capes to short sporty capelets and even funky ponchos.

When worn right, a cape adds instant drama and sophistication. Short capes are especially chic and elevate everyday casual. Heck, you might even call them the new car coat. Here’s how to wear a cape to suit your style.

 preppy cape

To look Preppy in a Cape:

Capes are associated with a very polished, preppy, big city feel. Play that up by choosing a very structured cape with toggle buttons or even a double-breasted, pea style cape.

Pair your cape with classically preppy accessories, like pearl earrings, a ladylike handbag, and riding boots to create a look that would be as just at much at home at the country club as it would be on your morning coffee run or brunch date.

sleek black cape

Urban, modern look

To look Modern in a Cape:

If preppy isn’t your thing, try a modern look instead by choosing a flowing cape, not a structured one. Opt for details like zippers and leather trim to cement a truly fashion-forward look. Choosing a pair of statement-y stud earrings allows minimal jewelry to make maximum impact, while a structured handbag with clean lines keeps your look very of-the-moment. Ankle boots add a bit of edge for this look that’s ready to go from the office to after-hours drinks.

No matter which look you choose, there’s a few general rules to keep in mind:

Balance the Volume Up Top

Capes are much fuller than jackets, meaning more fabric will be covering your upper half. This is what makes them so fun- but it also means that you need to balance them out. How? Stick to slim-cut trousers, skinny jeans and pencil skirts when wearing a cape. Anything wider on the bottom will make you look like you’re drowning in fabric.


Allow the Dramatic Shape to Take Centre Stage

A cape makes a powerful statement so avoid wearing any other bold pieces or loud colors with it.  The rest of your outfit needs to be simple, so let the cape be the focus.

Carry a Handbag that Rests on the Forearm

An over- the-shoulder or cross body bag interferes with a cape’s silhouette and will make you look like a muddled mess. It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer a preppy, ladylike handbag in a classic hue or a modern bag with a sharp shape. Just remember to choose a purse that will gently hang from the crook of your arm.


Pair with Sleek Boots for Balance

A cape is very voluminous. To balance the fullness up top you need a shoe that isn’t too lightweight, or you will look like you are about to topple over.  A weightier shoe or a fabulous boot creates visual balance, grounding your look.

Preppy capes and flat riding boots are a match made in heaven. Both are highly structured, have substance and give you a conservative “ladies who lunch” old money look.

Stacked heel ankle boots make a perfect counterpart to minimalist, modern-style capes because they are a little edgy, but sturdy enough to match the weight of the cape.  Both ankle boots and capes are a study in strong lines, which is what modern fashion is all about.

Check out some more ideas for what to wear with a cape, then test one out for yourself.  Be bold and have fun with this new statement outerwear that makes you feel like a secret superhero.

*Guest Contributor for this post: Morgan Mullin 

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