9 Things To Know Before You Buy Mother Of The Bride Shoes

gold mother of the bride shoesFinding the right shoes to wear at your daughter or son’s wedding is a challenge. You want your shoes to be fine, elegant and  classy but they need to be comfy too.

Here are 9 Do’s and Don’ts for picking and wearing the perfect pair with style.

1. Don’t Buy Dyeable Shoes

Perfectly matching the color of your shoes to your mother of the bride gown is very passé. Plus, when your feet sweat, your feet will turn color. You’re better off with a neutral like gold or silver mother of the bride shoes. Continue Reading

7 Good Reasons You Need a Leather Jacket this Fall

If you are going to buy one new item this fall make it a leather jacket. Why?

blue leather over 40

My cobalt blue blue jacket is light and buttery soft.


A Leather Jacket is:

1.  Cool

It’s like a blazer but edgier so it makes you look youthful and hip. Wear it with skinny jeans, a sweater and a scarf to look modern and fresh.

2. Versatile

Leather jackets look chic with pants , worn over dresses or just about anything.

3. Soft and Comfy

Today’s leathers and faux leathers have a buttery, soft feel that makes them elegant and sexy.

brown leather jacket  and purple scarf

Susan Sommers looking fab in a brown leather jacket.

4. Age Appropriate

Leather works at any age. The best way to style is with other non leather pieces so you don’t look too harsh and tough.

5. The Perfect Transition Piece

These new lightweight leathers are perfect year round and especially spring and fall when temperatures are on chilly side. They can be worn outdoors or indoors. They are also a perfection transition piece from daytime to nighttime- meaning they work 24/7!

6. Looks Expensive

Provided you buy a good quality leather, you will always look rich and classy in a leather jacket.

7. A Wardrobe Staple That Will Last You A Long Time

I’ve been wearing my bright cobalt blue jacket for over 5 years and it still looks fab.

Do you own a leather jacket? Send a photo to post to myphoto@fabulousafter40.com


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