How To Transform A Summer Dress Into A Fall One

When you invest in a quality dress, you want to get your money’s worth. So how do you take a dress that you’ve worn all spring and summer, and  make it work in Autumn?

It’s really as simple as changing your accessories! Here’s how to layer on everything you need for a new fall look.


Spring and Summer

In spring and summer, a simple sheath dress looks stylish and ladylike paired with a light-colored bag, sophisticated open toe sandals and sunny gold jewelry.


purple dress for fall


When temperature drop, it’s time to move into this look into the gray zone. Simply:

  • add a gray jacket
  • switch a cream/white bag and shoes for gray/black
  • substitute open-toe sandals for closed- toe pumps -suede says fall
  • switch to cool jewelry to complement the gray
  • add a chic scarf to tie it all together

Chic on The CheapYes it’s that easy.  Please check out these other ideas on how to transition from summer to fall. I have 10 great tips on how how to create a transitional fall wardrobe.

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Casual, Chic Ways to Transition into Fall Style

Knowing what to wear this time of year can be challenging.  One day it’s hot, the next day it’s cool. You don’t want to look like you’re still wearing your summer clothes, yet it’s not cold enough to break out the turtlenecks.

Here’s a couple of ideas for how to gently transition your summer wardrobe into fall.

Your Summer Look…..

Summer Look

Your Fall Look…………..

Keep the green top and jeans but change the rest. Continue Reading

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