Fashion Crimes You Need to Commit

If you’re like me, you grew up following strict fashion rules that controlled your wardrobe, like the larger than life “no white after Labour Day.” But where’s the logic? What did “white” do to offend fall and winter?

It’s time to throw these dated wardrobe rules that mom taught us to the curb. The old do’s and don’ts no longer apply, because today fashion applauds those who stray out of the box.

fashion collage


So let’s say goodbye to mythical faux pas like:


Whether it’s white coats, bags, or clothing you can definitely wear white after Labour Day. As a neutral white looks great in every season and it’s easy to pair with other colours and styles. Not to mention white is a refreshing break from the darker tones we are so used to seeing come fall and winter. So throw on some whites and liven up your outfit. 




According to this rule silver and gold jewelry should never be worn together. How bland! Contrasting two metals is a simple way to add texture and interest to an outfit.

For even more spunk you can include a strand of pearls. So don’t shy away from experimenting with different metals, whether it be a gold watch with a silver bracelet, or a gold necklace and silver flats.



This rule must have come into being when black was the only colour you could purchase shoes in. Today accessories are meant to liven up an outfit. With purses and shoes that come in so many fun prints, embellishments and colours, matching your accessories is a practice that had fallen to the wayside.

While your shoes and bag should complement your outfit, you no longer need to spend hours finding the exact same shade of brown for your shoes and bag.



Navy and black are neutrals, meaning you can pair them with nearly anything. The solution when wearing these two colours is to make sure it looks intentional.

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is by selecting a navy that is rich or lighter in colour so that it is easy to distinguish from black. In combining these two colours you get a sleek and slimming look—so what’s the downside?



Sure, if you combine two prints that are both competing for all the attention things are bound to look hectic. The key here is to make sure that one print is tamer than the other.

Style gurus everywhere have broken this rule, acknowledging that it’s more important that clothing “goes” than it does match. So feel free to layer different prints, just make sure that they are complementary or share a colour palette.

It’s time to break the rules. Start creating outfits that aren’t determined by passé style conventions. Instead, put together pieces that look and feel great on you, because the fashion scene of the 21st century wants you dive into the new and exciting!

Feeling Frumpy?- Little Ways We Let Ourselves Go

frumpy womanI love wearing heels but after I left my job as a television producer and began working from a home office, I found I was wearing them less and less. I miss wearing heels – they make me feel sexy and confident and attractive – so lately I’ve been trying to wear them more and more.

Funny enough, I feel like a little kid learning to walk again and that’s made me realize how easy it is to slip into a style rut.

I have a friend  who, because of a health issue, had to stop wearing makeup for a time. Fair enough but when her health improved, because she was out of the habit of wearing makeup, she didn’t bother starting to use it again.

Putting on foundation or blush just felt like too much work. If she was happy with that there wouldn’t have been any problem but she told me that when she looked in the mirror, she felt old and drab. She convinced herself that others saw her that way too and she began to feel uncomfortable in social situations.

Things finally turned around when, on a whim, she had a mini-makeover at a department store cosmetic counter. She loved the results but not only that, she realized she had given up. She decided right then and there to put in the effort to improve her grooming.

No one ever decides to consciously get into a rut or let themselves go but the truth is that it’s a slippery slope. It starts with little things, like not bothering to change out of your “uniform” of yoga pants and a t-shirt when you run out to get groceries, going too long between haircuts and coloring because you just don’t have the time for a trip to the hairdresser, or not getting enough rest or exercise because between work, kids and your aging parents, there’s just no time.

I get it, as women we have a ton of expectations placed on us at this stage of life, but I think it’s sad that in all of that, we’re the ones who tend to come last.

Some of you might think this is nonsense, that there are more important things in life to devote our time to than always trying to look pulled together. Or maybe you think it doesn’t matter, that at our age we’ve earned the right to not to have to try hard or worse, that no one is looking at us anyway.

While I do agree that we midlife women have bigger things on our plates than our appearance, I also know for a fact that all of us, regardless of our age, feel better overall when we respect ourselves enough to take some time for ourselves.

Jumpstart Your StyleWhat do you think? Do we let ourselves go as we get older? Have any of you fallen down that slippery slope? Have you managed to pull yourself back up? And if so, how did you do it? I’d love to hear your story. Comment below.

Also, if you need a quick fix to climb out of your style rut then I can help kickstart your style. Check out my popular book Jumpstart Your Style- 12 Little Lessons to Dump the Frump After 40!

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