Festive, Flattering Holiday Party Pants

If you’ve been invited to a holiday cocktail party, and are they type of gal who feels more at home in comfy pants than a short,tight cocktail dress, don’t sweat it.

Here are two styles of party pants to make you look festive and classy this Christmas.

holiday party outfit
Option 1- Glamorous Wide Leg Pants
Soft flowing, wide legs pants not only make you look relaxed and sophisticated, but they are super comfy too. Keep them long so you get that sweeping look- almost like a long skirt and pair them high heels or flats – your choice. Continue Reading

Master The Moto Jacket – 3 Easy Looks

A beautiful leather jacket is a worthwhile  investment  that you can enjoy at any age. In the last few seasons, moto-style jackets, with an edgy biker vibe have been most popular. Here’s a look at the many variations on the motos theme, and what to wear to master this look.
 how to wear a womens black leather moto jacket
1. The Cool Black Leather Moto Jacket for women
This is the jacket that instantly comes to mind when we think of the classic moto jacket. It’s tough, it’s rocker and oh, so cool. Wear it with a striped tip and red accessories to make a bold, modern statement. If you prefer a vegan version, no problem, there’s lots out there.
If black is too biker gang for you, no worries because, a little less hardware and a change of color can make all the difference.  Take a look below to see what I mean.
what to wear with a womens leather moto jacket
2. The Friendly Brown Moto Leather Jacket
Brown is considered a friendly approachable color and you can see here how it softens up a black leather moto jacket  just that little bit to make it a warmer, less threatening look. Add a pretty print blouse and a bright happy bag and you have a casual and relaxed, go everywhere look.
Leather moto jacket for women
3. The Feminine Pastel Moto Jacket
If you feel your style is too feminine for a biker jacket, think again. Pastels have been huge lately and they are drifting over to the biker jacket world. Here’s a moto style jacket, that’s not even leather. It  looks soft and pretty in this heavenly shade of pink but the moto style gives it just enough edge so it doesn’t end up looking too perfectly precious.
Do you own a moto jacket?

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