10 Tips To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

In a couple of weeks, we’ll officially say goodbye to summer, but the autumnal equinox doesn’t necessarily correspond to an immediate drop in temperatures. So how can we make the seasonal shift comfortably and fashionably?

You’ll still be able to wear sandals for many more weeks; just go with darker colors like tan, black and brown.

You can begin pairing your outfits with lighter-weight fall fabrics … for instance, throw a little tweed or wool jacket over a white Oxford shirt, jeans and metallic sandals. Bring out the longer sleeves and introduce animal prints in bags and belts. Continue Reading

Capris Update – What’s In?

Hello, Deborah,

I ‘m sorting out my closet, and I have a lot of capris in different widths and lengths. Which ones are still in style? How do I know which look best? Help, I need an update.

Thank you, Gabriela

white cropped pants


Hi Gabriela,

I know it is confusing, so let me start by defining what capris are.

Most of us think of capris as pants that end mid-calf.  But in fact, Capris are 3/4 length pants that hit anywhere from mid-calf to above the ankle.

Capris  (cropped pants) are very much in style.  The challenge is to choose a pair that ends at the most flattering point within this wide range. So get out a mirror and have a look at your legs. Where is the sweet spot?

You want your pant hem to hit the slimmest part of your leg. If you have average calves, you can get away with various lengths. White Capri pants and red striped top


Look # 1 

Best Capris For Slim Calves?

If you have slim calves, it’s fine for your capris to end at the widest point – the middle of your calf. In fact if your calves are skinny, this length adds breadth.

Blue ankle pants and white shirt

Shop the Post: 

Best Capris For Heavy Calves?

On the other hand, if your legs are thick, then it’s better if your capris hem hits the thinnest part of your lower leg.

ankle pants

Note: If you have very wide or muscular calves, capris can make them look thicker, so you are better off to go for a cropped pant that skims the top of the ankle bone.


Best Capri Pant Width and Shape?

Now let’s talk about width. The most flattering cut (and what’s most in style at the moment) is a tapered leg.  Tapered capris are slimming and very chic.

If you worry about extra weight at your hips or thighs, then try a straight leg, instead to balance you out.

Hard to Wear Capris

Wide or flared leg cropped pants are tricky. They are not always the most flattering because they can make you look short, wide and boxy.

A word about cuffed capris… Avoid them. They shorten your leg line. The same with flared cropped pants.

What if the Capris in your closet are on the border when it comes to width? If you still want to wear them, then try updating with a wedge shoe.



Capris if You are Petite

Capris can make a petite woman, or a gal with short legs, look shorter. The fix for this is to wear shoes the same color as your Capris or wear nude colored shoes that match your skin tone to create a long, lean, line.

To find out which shoes goes best with Capris, check out this post on the right footwear for capri pants.

Gabriela, I hope that helps sort things out. Please check out my post on How to Style Cropped Pants. Also,  I’ve included some capris that are in stores now. Cheers, Deborah




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