Thanksgiving Travel Outfits That Get You Home in Style

Are you headed home for the holidays and dreading the noisy crowds, long drawn out security checks and the jam-packed airplane?

One way to help lessen your stress is to dress as simply and as comfortably as you can. Here’s how to look and feel more relaxed without sacrificing style.

green trench for traveling

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Be Kind To Your Feet

There’s no way around it. At the airport, you are going to be doing a ton of walking, so make sure you’re sensible, not silly about your choice of shoes. These soft, comfy quilted sneakers will take you from terminal to terminal with a smile on your face. Plus, they’re slip on, which means no fumbling with laces or zippers when it’s time to do your security scan. Continue Reading

Comfy Fall Shoes and Booties to Wear in NYC

Hi Deborah,

I LOVE your website! I was wondering if you can give me some ideas for an upcoming trip to NYC. I am traveling with my husband, mother and teenage daughters this fall, and we will be doing a LOT of walking around – visiting museums, going to the theater, and window shopping. Could you please give me advice on what shoes to wear in New York? Thanks a lot!~Carol

Hi Carol,

I’m so glad you are asking about shoes because they are the most important item you need to pack.  New York is a walking city, and you will be pounding the pavement for blocks on end. If your feet aren’t comfortable, you will be miserable!

I suggest you start by finding a great pair of walking shoes or booties and then work your outfits around them.  Brown, black or any other dark-colored shoes or boots are best shoes to wear in New York since the streets are bustling and dirty. Black is also a favorite color of the locals, meaning you will fit right in.

Here are a couple of outfit ideas you can wear to walk around in, as well as some comfy booties and shoes to wear in NYC.

jeans and a sweater for nyc with an arrow

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Outfit #1  – Jeans + Chunky Sweater with Comfort SHOES Continue Reading

Comfy Walking Sandals for Traveling

Munro Lola Sandal

Hi  Deb, Love your style pointers!  I'm going to Europe on vacation and want to pack only a few pair of shoes.  I will be wearing closed toe walking shoes much of the time, but I also want a … Continue Reading

5 Ways To Look Slim in a Swimsuit

blue swimsuit

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What To Wear (And Not Wear) In NYC

black jeans

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The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Europe

Dansko walking shoe

Spring until late Fall is ideal for a European vacation, and the best way to see most Old World cities is on foot. Touring museums, churches and galleries; poking around in craft shops, taking photos … Continue Reading

Safari Style Clothing- The New Chic

safari dress jewelry

  Safari style clothing is far from new but this spring, it's back in a fresh and modern way. How do you wear it?  Try: Monochromatic Safari - all one color or slightly varying shades of … Continue Reading

Vacation Sundresses with Tropical Punch

calypso sundress

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What to Pack For a Cruise


Hi Deborah, I love your site! I am going on a  cruise soon and want to bring some shorts. Can you suggest what type of shorts to bring for walking around the ship and going ashore that are classic … Continue Reading