Sundresses with Tropical Punch

Dear Deborah,

I’m going on vacation to the Caribbean and would love to see a post about cute and age appropriate sun dresses. Usually I am not a dress person, but I would like something fun and tropical that I would be able to wear on my trip as well as at home in the summer. Thanks, Nicole

Hi Nicole,

A cheery little sundress with some tropical punch is the perfect outfit to make you look hot, hot , hot! Here are a few cute sundresses for women over 40 with a laid back island feel and some tips on how to wear them.

A Sunny Shift

Love the tropical colors in this Calypso print shift dress. The shift is such a comfy, casual style to wear because it gives you a bit of breathing room and the keyhole neckline and 3/4 length sleeves give it pretty femininity. Loose, laid back and lovely…just what you want in a sundress.
This model is tall but if this is too short for you, just go to the sew it place at the mall and get them to take down the hem. I do that often.
Tip: Nude, gold or white sandals are neutrals that won’t take away from the busy island lifestyle print.
 calypso print sheath dress
Tahitian Temptation 

Have you tried a maxi yet? It’s the perfect summer dress vacation or not. This black and white  Karen Kane Tahitian palm leaf print maxi is a great choice for gals who want to have some fun with the tropical theme but not in a bright, loud Hawaiian punch kind of way.
Tip: White sundresses can be stark if you don’t take the sun, so get yourself a good self-tanner.
black and white maxi
Tropical goes Graphic 

Mix tropical colors with a geometric print and you get a tropical sundress with a modern twist. This bold graphic sundress  is powerful, but pretty.

Tip: A dress like this that flares at the waist will camouflage large hips and thighs beautifully.
 graphic sundress
Picture Paradise

This artistic sundress sets the scene for a great vacation with what looks like a handpainted scene!

Tip: With a dress like this there is so much going on you don’t need much jewelry. Maybe a pair of earrings and that is it.
 painted sundress
Looking Fresh and Cool!

Here is a photo of one of my readers, Donna from N.J. (looking fabulous) in her version of the tropical sundress. Wow, she looks terrific! Just goes to show, that if you have great legs that you can and should show them off!
blue tropical dress

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