What to Pack For a Cruise

Hi Deborah,

I love your site! I am going on a  cruise soon and want to bring some shorts. Can you suggest what type of shorts to bring for walking around the ship and going ashore that are classic and appropriate?

Thanks,  Anne


Hi Anne,

Here is a cute practical outfit that is right on for your cruise. You can’t go wrong with navy and white, and those stripes are classic and slimming too. Roll up the sleeves on a navy button up shirt for a preppy look, or if it’s hot, throw on  a white short sleeve top plus some cute nautical jewelry. Continue Reading

How To Travel In Style

Has this ever happened to you? You spend so much time packing for your summer vacation to take just the right things, that when it’s time to hurry up and get to the airport, you throw on some boring outfit that’s not really the best to travel in? I’ve been guilty of this, but I’m better now. That’s because I’m clear on what I need to include in my outfit to make my flight more enjoyable. Here’s what I mean.

Take a look at these two outfits that take the worry out of what to wear and keep you casual and comfy on a long flight.

what to wear when travelling on a plane

This blue boyfriend jacket is soft,casual and won’t wrinkle on an airplane.

There are certain elements that make a great airplane outfit. Keep these things in mind: Continue Reading

What To Wear When Visiting NYC – Part 2

what to wear in nyc

If you read my recent post on what to wear in New York City,  you got a few ideas on how to dress if you were walking around Central Park or hanging out in Times Square. Since then many of you wrote … Continue Reading

What To Wear (And Not Wear) In NYC

what to wear shopping in nyc

Jetting off to the Big Apple this summer and fretting about what to wear? Relax. Even though New York is the fashion capital of the world, you don't need to worry about stuffing your suitcase full … Continue Reading

Comfy Travel Shoes With A Touch Of Whimsy


When it comes to travelling, comfy shoes are a must. Sporty sneakers or walking shoes fit the bill, but are usually more practical than stylish. A pair of cute ballet flats or sandals can also work … Continue Reading

3 Must Pack Outfits For Your Summer Beach Vacation

fabafter40 - summer vacation - evening

Whether you are traveling to Cape Cod, Malibu, or Miami Beach a summer trip to the seashore is likely to be on your vacation list at some point. What do you pack for a week in the sand and sun? Here's … Continue Reading

More Options to Wear to The Beach

boho swimwear look

I recently posted some lovely women's beach cover ups that were all quite different, but beautiful in their own way. It got me thinking how a themed beach look always looks so chic. So I asked … Continue Reading

What to Wear in Paris if You Are Over 40?


Ahh Paris… The infamous city of love is also the most famous fashion capital in the world. So be sure to pack a wardrobe that is as chic as it is travel-friendly. Here are some outfits that ooze … Continue Reading