Glam Holiday Make-up ~ Eyes and Cheeks

You’ve got the perfect outfit for your holiday party, now how do you get a glam beauty look to match?

Meet celebrity make-up artist Sana Young. Sana has worked with hundreds of Hollywood’s top stars and did my make-up for over 20 years when I was a TV show host.

She’s put together a series of videos to help you get a Fabulous Over 40 look. Today we’re diving in on a couple of topics just in time for Christmas and New Year’s. Check out this playlist below that includes videos on  how to have glamorous holiday eyes and holiday cheeks.

If you have a make-up question for Sana, just send  it along to questions@fabulous

How to Dress Casual but Stylish Over 40 {VIDEO}

Wondering how to dress for your relaxed lifestyle without looking like a frump?

Watch this video to learn 3 ways to dress casual, but classy after 40.

Deborah Boland

Deborah: Maybe you realize it’s time to trade in the yoga pants or faded jeans and loose t-shirt that you’ve schlep around in for something else. But what do you replace them with?
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Time to Debunk Those Mother of the Bride Dressing Myths – {Video}

mother of the bride

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Color Tricks to Make You Look Slim and Fabulous {VIDEO}

Color Me Fabulous

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How to Cure Yourself of ABD – {Video}

abundant black disorder

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How to Pick Mother of the Bride Shoes {VIDEO}


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How To Wear Colored Jeans Over 40 – {VIDEO}


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