Style Ideas For A Weekend BBQ or Labor Day Party

There are only a couple more weeks of summer left. It won’t be long until Labor Day.  What are you going to wear as you say goodbye to summer?

Here are a couple of cute outfit ideas for your end of season picnic, backyard party or BBQ.


what to wear to a bbq party


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What to Wear to a  BBQ Party – A Maxi

If you’ve never worn a maxi, this is a great time to try one.

I had a friend over the other day who was raving about maxi dresses. She had never worn a maxi (except for years ago) but decided to give one a try this summer. When I asked her what she loved so much about her maxi dress, I expected her to say that she liked that it covered her legs or that it was comfy. But instead she said she loved it because it made her feel like a movie star!

I had to laugh because I know what she means. I have a maxi dress that I often wear when I have company over for a BBQ. Every time I put it on I feel rather glam, even though the dress is pretty casual, and we’re just outside having a burger.

There’s something about swishing around in a maxi dress, wearing breezy sandals and big, oversized sunglasses that makes you feel very Hollywood.

This pretty blue jersey maxi is a pretty choice for a weekend get together, and if you go down south in winter, don’t forget to tuck it in your suitcase. It travels well.

what to wear to a summer bbq

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What to Wear to a Bbq? –  Shorts

If you’ve got great legs, you’ll want to show them off, but not some boring old lady style (or some tattered teen type).

These classy coral shorts are terrifically tailored to flatter your figure. I like them with this embroidered navy top; the Navy cools things down a touch. This is a great color combo when you want to look summery fresh, but not too over the top bright.

Your bag needs to be relaxed and practical if you are going to a bbq or picnic. It’s handy to have it large enough to tuck in a bathing suit or towel too. This one fits the bill. You, so this one fits the bill. Finally, take a look at how a bit of gold jewelry totally dresses up this look. If you like to look polished even when you are dressed casual, a bit of bling is all you need. 
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Do you have ideas for what to wear to a summer BBq? What do you plan on wearing? Let me know.  

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what to wear to disney

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