What To Wear To Disney World

Here’s a question I get a lot… What should I wear to Disney World?

If you’ve been to Disney you know it’s all about comfort. You’re walking from morning until night, hopping on and off rides, trying to keep cool in the sweltering heat.  So how do you look cute, but keep it practical? Here are a few suggestions.


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Look # 1 –  Shorts and a Cute T-shirt

If you were ever going to wear a pair of shorts, Disney is the place to do it. Between the crowds and the sticky Florida weather you’re likely going to feel sweaty. So if you are wondering what to wear to Disney world in July, or pretty much anytime of the year, shorts are a good bet!

That doesn’t mean you still can’t look smart. Here are a couple of outfits that combine style and practicality.

Start with some cute tailored shorts – no sweats or cut off jean shorts. Be careful to not fall in to the trap of wearing a boring, baggy, white t-shirt up top. Instead wear a bright top. You’ll look cuter and you’ll be easy to spot if you get separated from the family.

I like this classic Michael Kors t-shirt (above) and the JCrew short-sleeved shirt (below).  Many t-shirts have high crew necks, which are hot and look frumpy. These two tops reveal some skin and have that little something that makes them modern and youthful.

Whatever top you choose, make sure it is not boxy. Some stretch also helps show off your shape and keep you from looking sloppy.


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My feet swell. Maybe yours do too? If you are wondering what shoes to wear to Disney World remember that a comfy pair of sandals will make your day so much more enjoyable. Your feet will be able to breathe. Flip flops can even work if  they are soft and padded.


A watch can come in handy to keep track of when you need to get to the various Disney shows. Also don’t forget your “sunnies”.  Aviators are so sporty and cool.  

Finally, don’t put too much in your bag. You don’t want to be weighed down. Some cash/a credit card, lipstick, and tissue or wipees for food spills or other little emergencies always come in handy.


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Look # 2 Pants and a Sleeveless Tunic

I’ve been talking a lot about the heat, but believe it or not, Florida does sometimes have cold snaps.  I can remember going to Disney in December and freezing my legs off because of a freak cold spell mixed with some wind and rain.  Whether it’s a cool day, or you are simply a gal who prefers to cover her legs, pants are always a good choice for Disney.

Yes, you can wear blue jeans, but they can be heavy. If you want to look a little fresher, I’d suggest a pair of light, cotton, cropped pants or capris.  Stay away from white (sure to attract dirt and spills at a theme park) and go for another neutral like this classy khaki shade..

Then, simply add a stretchy tee shirt in a bright color, or better yet, a pretty sleeveless tunic. This cheery high- low tunic has a casual but classy look. Keep a light sweater handy if you need it. Since you are spending an entire day at the park, it’s good to dress in layers. A sweater can come in handy at night.

The Perfect Bag

I want to talk for a moment about the best bag to take.  This one, like the others, is lean and sporty. It has a long strap so you can wear it cross body and have your hands free, which is what you need when you are busy having fun.

Cute Comfy Shoes

Clunky sneakers will weigh you down and make you look like Goofy, so go with a lightweight walking shoe.

The most important tip of all? ( and it seems so obvious but so many people ignore it)– Do not wear brand new shoes to Disney, even new running shoes like these that have been designed specifically for walking. There is always a breaking in period, and you don’t want to be limping around the Magic Kingdom looking miserable and in pain.

striped-dress-what to wear to disney world


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Look #3  A Sundress and Sandals

Here’s one last idea for what to wear to Walt Disney World. I’m a big dress fan and always pack a few sundresses when I travel. The reason is simple. They’re easy, comfy and I get to sun my legs without having to wear shorts. This sporty, striped sundress has a nautical feel that fits right in with Disney atmosphere. Nautical is always popular for vacation wear.

Naturally, you want a dress that is soft and moves. And make sure it’s light and breathable. Nothing fussy, just sporty all the way like this cute lace and striped t-shirt dress.

Hat and Purse

A good hat is always worth taking because that sun can be pretty damaging to your face, especially when it’s burning down so hard it’s wearing off your sunscreen. I always bring one along. Then there’s your purse. This one adds a cute pop of color and everything is zippered up so nothing can fall out and get lost.


Did you notice that I have not included much jewelry? You may want to wear a pair of small earrings or a simple necklace, but this isn’t the place for humongous statement necklaces and bangle bracelets that will only flop around on rides and get broken or lost. Simple is better.

I hope you’ve picked up a few style pointers to help you enjoy your day with Mickey and the gang.  Finally, here are the official guidelines for what Not to wear at Disney  , just in case you had some crazy idea that you wanted to go dressed as Cinderella. Have Fun. Cheers!



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