10 Ways to Dress Sexy on Valentine’s Day Without Letting it All Hang Out

boomer couple romanticGoing out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner and want to look sexy, but not too exposed?

Here are some tips to look alluring, not desperate at 40, 50 and beyond.

1. Show Some Skin

Don’t wear a turtleneck on a date if you want to look sexy. That Diane Keaton kind of coverage signals stay away! Showing some skin is youthful and alluring. Notice I said some. Continue Reading

What to Pack For a Cruise

Hi Deborah,

I love your site! I am going on a  cruise soon and want to bring some shorts. Can you suggest what type of shorts to bring for walking around the ship and going ashore that are classic and appropriate?

Thanks,  Anne


Hi Anne,

Here is a cute practical outfit that is right on for your cruise. You can’t go wrong with navy and white, and those stripes are classic and slimming too. Roll up the sleeves on a navy button up shirt for a preppy look, or if it’s hot, throw on  a white short sleeve top plus some cute nautical jewelry. Continue Reading

Off to The Movies in 2 Great Outfits


Feel like getting out to a movie this weekend and need an idea or two for what to wear? Here are 2 easy outfit recipes that are perfect for sitting back and enjoying a flick on the big … Continue Reading

What to Wear For A Girl’s Night Out


If you like getting together with your girlfriends, you know much fun it can be, and how important it is to wear something cute! Whether you all go out to dinner, to the movies or you just have … Continue Reading

Festive, Flattering Holiday Party Pants

holiday party outfit

If you've been invited to a holiday cocktail party, and are they type of gal who feels more at home in comfy pants than a short,tight cocktail dress, don't sweat it. Here are two styles of party … Continue Reading

How To Wear Ankle Booties With A Dress

how to wear booties with a dress

Dear Deborah, I love ankle boots and own a few pairs. I usually wear my booties with jeans or leggings, but would like to try them with a dress. Since I'm 46, I  wonder if they are age … Continue Reading

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

what to wear on thanksgiving

Yes, it's a family dinner, not some big evening out on the town,  and you definitely want to be comfy, but  life is too short to be frumpy! This Thanksgiving seize the holiday spirit by saying no … Continue Reading

Walking The Dog – What to Wear

aux fur vest with jeans

Hi Deborah, I have a dog and spend a lot of time walking him around the neighborhood.  What can I wear besides trainers and old tees? I'm in my late 40s and I don't want to look sloppy. Thanks! … Continue Reading