What To Wear To A Country Music Concert?

Hi Deborah,

My husband surprised me with tickets to a country music concert. I’m excited but I have no idea what to wear. Jeans come to mind, but that’s about it. What do you suggest? Dana

Hi Dana,

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had this question. There sure must be a lot of country music fans out there! Denim is a natural choice for a country music concert outfit, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean blue jeans. Take a look at these options.

attire or outfit for country music concert

A chambray dress makes an easy outfit for a country music concert.

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How to Wear Fringe after 40, 50 and Beyond

How to wear a fringe Leggings - pants

Fringe Leggings

Hello Deborah,

I purchased a pair of black  fringe leggings because “they looked cute”  (they, fit me too…) but I have no clue what to wear them with, and now I’m having second thoughts.

Help! Colleen

Hi Colleen,

Unusual pieces like this can be a temptation for mature women because:

  • We want to be open to try new trends
  • We feel the need to add some creative items to our wardrobe to keep us looking young and hip
  •  We get seduced by the cute” factor and buy without thinking about what we have in our closets to go with it.

I can pretty much bet that you justified your purchase by telling yourself that since these were a dark color, you probably had something at home to wear them with …right???

While you’ve probably seen a lot of fringe in fashion magazines, you need to be careful about how you add it into your wardrobe. These leggings look almost like a cowboy costume. Even if you were to pair them with a simple top and boots, I am afraid you’d still end up looking like a wanna be cowhand!

On a mature gal, fringe pants would only work if you had a really strong fashion personality and you were going somewhere where like a nightclub or rock concert. You could make it look “rock and roll” with an oversized  leather coat , simple silk shell and thick strappy, platform shoes. Even then…

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