Summer Wedding Guest Attire To Look Fabulous After 40

Excited about going to a wedding this summer, but finding it challenging to know what to wear?  Unsure about what color of dress to get, what style will flatter your figure, or whether you should go long or short?

Before you even start to think about all this, you need to consider the style of the wedding you’ll be attending. Will it be casual or dressy, does it have a special theme or definite feel and where will it be held? With weddings held in all sorts of unique locations these days, demystifying the dress code is tougher than ever.

Here’s Stylist Morgan Mullin with 3 popular wedding settings, and the summer wedding guest dresses that will look the best with each.

wedding guest attire purple dress

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What To Wear To Disney World- 3 Easy Looks

Here’s a question I get a lot… What should I wear to Disney World?

If you’ve been to Disney you know it’s all about comfort. You’re walking from morning until night, hopping on and off rides, trying to keep cool in the sweltering heat.  So how do you look cute, but keep it practical? Here are a few suggestions.   disney v3

Look # 1 – Capris and a Fitted Top

Pants are too hot for the summer months at Disney and shorts may be off your radar these days, so a good compromise is a pair of cropped pants. Right now florals are very on trend, so a pair of floral capris would look modern and fresh. Don’t fall in to the trap of wearing a boring, baggy, white t-shirt up top.

Instead go for a top that is slightly fitted, and has some stretch to show off your shape and prevent you from looking sloppy. These floral capris have a  feminine feel, so in keeping with that vibe we’ve added a top in a pretty roll cuff t-shirt in a soft lavender color. Continue Reading

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