Plus Size? – 7 Ways to Work Your Curves This Fall

Hi Deborah,

Love your blog! I see you are already starting to talk about fall fashion and I was wondering what fall trends will work for Plus Size Gals? We love fashion too. Thanks, Carole

Hi Carole,

Great question, since so many gals out there on the curvy side. There is a lot out there and the good news is much of it is already on sale!! Check out these fall styles and deals from The Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It ends Aug 2nd, so if you see something you like don’t delay!

Wrap Coats

Wrap yourself up in style this fall with this fabulous asymmetrical wool blend coat the hugs your curves in all the right places. Navy is a top trending color for fall. It’s livelier than black but still has that figure slimming magic.See more fabulous plus size coats on  sale here.

 plus size winter coat
Marsala Magic

Marsala – a red brown is the color of the year and boy does it look fab as a  simple tee with embellished neckline. So flattering!


 merlot  tee
Best Jeans

You’ve heard the flare jeans is back in style and that’s great news for gals with curvy figure. A flare jean widens you out down below, balancing you hips and making you look perfectly proportioned. Flares feel cool too. Pick up a pair of these Chrissie stretch flare jeans and wear them with a higher heel.

See more sale jeans here.

 plus size flare jeans
Moody Florals

Florals in Fall? Oh yes, if they look like this. Bright florals set against an inky background are radiant and figure flattering. This print crepe sheath is one of those dresses you will get tons of wear out of and that will turn heads.

See more plus size sale dresses here.


 floral dress plus size
Santa Fe Feel

The South West trend  is a big influence in fashion at the moment especially when it comes to sweaters. I love the colors in this pretty open front cardigan. They’re soft but striking at the same time. This is a great weekend piece!

See more plus size sale sweaters here.

 plus size sweater
Invest in a Vest

Faux Fur Vests appeared last year and continue to go strong. This faux shearling vest is a great way to dress up a pair of jeans and a cute top.

See more plus size vests here.

plus size vest
Bold Geometric Prints 

Keep it simple on the bottom and add a commanding silky contrast blouse like this up top for a look that is classy and contemporary.

See more plus size blouses here.

 plus size blouse


Asymmetrical Tunics

Leggings are a plus size gal’s best friend providing you’ve got a long top to go with them. This fall there are lots including this leopard print tunic with its flowy asymmetrical hemline. So chic!

See more plus size tops here.

 plus size tunic
Riding Boots

When you’ve got wide calves one of the best boots around is an elegant riding boot. These Naturalizer Jennings riding boots have a lots of stretch  and a handy buckle on the side to make getting into your boots so much easier.


 wide calf boot

It may be in, but it’s not your granny’s patchwork this fall. You’ll find more sophisticated colors and patterns like this chic patchwork wrap in classy tones of black blue and gray. This patchwork print wool jacket makes a handy transition piece in the fall and look great worn with black leggings or jeans.

See more plus size coats here.


What will you be buying for fall? Comment below and let me know!





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