Falling For Pastels – How To Wear Autumn’s Newest Colors

Deborah BolandDesigners are always looking for a way to shake things up and the latest is to throw seasonal color rules out the window. Yes, there are lots of  traditional fall colors out there like burgundy, pumpkin,  brown and gray, but don’t be surprised to also see baby blue, mint green, lilac and pale pink too.

Soft, gentle pastels, normally reserved for spring and summer, are suddenly chic for fall.

Maybe it’s the growing acceptance of white as a year round color that has sparked this new trend, or perhaps it’s just a desire for something different? Whatever the case, pastels can be a sophisticated choice in cooler weather if you style them right.

Here’s how:

fall pastels

1. Wear Pastel Colored Clothing  made of Warm Fabrics

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Top 10 Fall Colors to Step Up Your Style

The summer is nearly over which is kind of sad, but I do love the thought of starting to dig into some deep, rich autumn colors.

Pantone, the world leader in color prediction, has compiled their list of the top ten hues and they are nothing short of spectacular. I’m dying to get out there and get shopping!

Pantone top fall colors 2014

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going more in-depth about each color and  how to wear it, with examples, but for now here’s a first look at this fabulous fall palette.


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