Best Long Tops to Wear With Leggings

If you’re a regular reader, you know by now that in order to look elegant wearing leggings over 40, you need to wear a long top that covers your bottom, however, many of you tell me you are still having trouble finding just the right one.

I know what you mean. Many long tops are like potato sacks- long and baggy. They don’t do anything for your figure.

what to wear with leggings

No matter what your size, you need a top like this black Eileen Fisher top that has a bit of a shape, and ideally some stretch. And if you are on the short side, you don’t want to be swimming in fabric.

Let’s take a look at the different types of tops that work with leggings, and a few that don’t.

Tops that work over Legging and Skinny Jeans:


Tunics are the most popular way to get the cool leggings look. They’re long tops that fall straight down and totally cover your bottom. This light grey tunic has a longer flap at the back.

tunic with leggings

This chambray shirt is very popular at the moment. See the plus size version of the chambray shirt here.

long chambray shirt

Shop Long tops with leggings: 


Asymmetrical tunics have also been popular. If you prefer sleeveless, what about this gorgeous cranberry top.

cranberry asymmetrical top

Looks great with jeans!This pretty blue asymmetrical pullover would be lovely in summer when the evenings are cooler. What a great transition piece.

blue asymmetrical top

Shop More Asymmetrical tops: 


A long shirt/blouse especially in a silky or soft material, worn untucked can transform leggings into a very elegant look.  You can wear it loose or with a beautiful belt.  If you want to add a jacket, go right ahead. A leather jacket with a silky top adds edgy contrast.

Shirtdresses, which are like long blouses, pair nicely with leggings too.

Shop for shirtdresses to wear with leggings:

Other toppers that pair nicely with leggings:


A jacket is always the perfect item to pair with leggings. It’s similar to a chunky sweater in that it make you look broader across the shoulders. In fact, it’s even better because it’s tailored. You can wear one of the new long menswear style jackets with leggings or a shorter jacket worn with a long top underneath. A jacket totally dresses up leggings.


Vests?  Love them. I just wrote about all the great choices in vests out there. You can wear a thin or thick sweater with a long vest over leggings or wear your vest with a silky blouse or long-sleeved polo. A long vest is interesting and gives you the cool factor with leggings.


A long sweater is the number one thing to wear with leggings in cooler weather. Chunky knits are especially in and they are an excellent way to give you a flattering shape. A big sweater works the same way that shoulder pads worked for you in the 80’s. The extra bulk up top makes your shoulders look broader, which in turns makes you bottom half look slimmer. You get that pleasing inverted triangle shape. The focus is up top and not on your bottom half.  This makes it easy for women of all shapes to wear leggings.

Finer knit sweaters (I.e., cashmere) can also work with leggings provided the tops are long.  Asymmetrical hems on sweaters and tops are popular at the moment and are very flattering with leggings.

Tops to stay away from……………….

Short Tops That End at the Waist

Short tops never work with thin leggings and they can work with thick leggings, but only on twenty-somethings with rock hard abs, legs and behinds!  Yes, I know you may be in great shape but a top that covers your bottom is much more elegant and sophisticated at our age. You don’t want to look like you are desperate to be a teenager.

Baggy Tops

I mentioned that big knits were in, or you could wear a loose shirt and that’s fine. But there is a difference between flowy and baggy. If you are wearing a voluminous top, make sure it is not loose because it is the wrong size. Your top should sit properly on your shoulders, and the sleeves should not hang way past your wrists.  A little volume can look cook, but baggy is just plain sloppy.

What are your favorite tops to wear with leggings?

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