Chalet Chic – The Latest Apres Ski Style

Whether you’re an avid skier or just an armchair fan of the Winter Olympics, I’m sure you’d agree that of the best parts of the sport is Après Ski.

There’s nothing like cozying up by a roaring fire with friends and family, hot chocolate and munchies in hand, feeling totally relaxed and ready to party. For many of us looking the part is important to setting the mood. So how do you dress casual, but a little stylish and glamorous too?

Fashion stylist Morgan Mullin has put together two ways to look Chalet Chic.



apres ski style

Northern Nights  

Put away your bulky ski pants, heavy ski jacket and big boots once the day is over. It’s time to step out of  puffy and practical and into something more refined, warm and fuzzy.

Here’s a cute ski bunny look, that’s fun and flattering.

Pair black skinny jeans with a black and cream Alpine sweater. Add a plaid pair of shoes and some sexy red nails for a modern, playful look. Diamond earrings and a sleek watch add a touch of celebrity style.

Now imagine same recipe but with blue jeans, a  multi-colored knit sweater and no accessories. It wouldn’t have the same effect. It’s the simple, dramatic color scheme that makes this a standout, and the elegant accessories that give it class.

For an edgier version of this look try leather pants. They’ll give this outfit an unexpected bite.  Black velvet jeans can work too if you’re after a softer and more romantic feel.



apres ski chic 


Polished in Plaid

Plaid is always a popular choice for Après Ski, but it can fall into the category of predictable. To make sure that doesn’t happen pair a plaid shirt, boyfriend cardigan and jeans with bold, blingy accessories for a more glamorous vibe. Small stud earrings or a cute charm bracelet add just a bit of sparkle to your outfit without being too over-the-top. Burgundy accessories add to the rich feel of this classic look with a twist. 

Après Ski Beauty

Refresh your look before starting your evening with some tinted lip gloss, a bit of shadow and a touch of mascara. A touch of shine in your make-up will make you glow in front of the fire. Fluff up your hair at the crown with your fingers. It’s likely been smushed from wearing a hat all day. You’ll look intentionally undone, in other words, more youthful.

Finally, remember that cozy looks like these aren’t limited to the ski life. Both outfits would look just at fab back home as they would at the Chalet.  That’s because Après Ski is more than a way to dress. It’s a state of mind.





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  1. Love these looks and most all of the outfits you put together(!!) but it KILLS me that I can’t click on each outfit vignette or individual piece of clothing and find out who makes it and where to buy it Please create links to these pieces so we can find out who makes that watch or those jeans…. Pretty Please…

  2. I agree. These looks are comfortable and attractive any time it’s cold out.