Colored Jeans for Women Over 40 ~ Street Style

If you haven’t bought a pair of bright jeans yet, then these photos may inspire you. Take a look at how my readers have embraced this trend.

bright colored jeans for women over 40

Bright jeans were slow to catch on with the 40+ crowd, but now they’re all the rage.

Hello, Yellow!

Fashion blogger Morgan who blogs at Glitter in the Grey adores a good t-shirt and jeans but wanted to punch things up, so she decided to go bright and cheery. Her cropped yellow skinnies paired with a scarf tee from Cabi give her a fresh, and fun look.  Lemon zest yellow and gray is a winning combination this season.

bright red colored jeans for women over 40

A tip about red colored jeans for women -You may want to tone them down a tad with a neutral color up top, especially after 40.

Red Alert!

Etiquette Expert Lisa wanted an edge to her casual dressing, so she bought a pair of hot red skinny jeans and paired them up with a buttery leather jacket and sexy heels. The neutral brown color cools down the red jeans just enough but doesn’t put out the fire. This outfit is still hot!

blue colored jeans

The best-colored jeans for curvy women are darker jeans like cobalt and oxblood.

Bold Blue

Pamela, 49, from California, looks royal in a cobalt blue pair of jeans that she has paired with a black GAP cashmere top.

red jeans and headscarf

Bright jeans don’t have to be skinny-tight. Straight leg looks great too.

Take a Chance

Nazreen wrote to tell me she was originally hesitant to embrace this trend because she is 50. But after reading my posts about wearing colored jeans at 40+ and the right colored denim for your body type, she decided to jump right in.

She bought a pair of red jeans and she boy, is she rocking them! Nazreen, says she loves them so much she’s going to buy more for fall. Bravo for taking that big style leap Nazreen!

Are you still struggling with what to wear with colored jeans and how to wear them over 40? Be sure to watch my video that has tips and tricks on styling and wearing colored jeans over 40.

Yellow colored skinny jeans for women

Yellow has been one of the more popular skinny colored jeans for women.

Animal Instincts

Judy has also jumped on the colored jean bandwagon, pairing her yellow jeans with a leopard print top.  Hoop earrings work well with the exotic feel of this playful outfit.


red skinny colored jeans for women

Love the zippers!

Moto-Inspired Jeans

Moto-style jeans have zippers, or leather panels, or quilting that gives them texture and dimension. They typically come in black, but style blogger Adrienne from The Rich Life on a Budget found a pair of red hot ones. Cool Urban vibe, Adrienne.oxblood colored jeans

Pair with a Poncho

This reader looks stunning in a poncho and oxblood colored jeans from

colored-jeans-PAPRIKAExperiment with Color

This unusual color combination looks surprisingly attractive!

best colored denim jeans for women over 40

Color = Youth

Color Me FabulousColor flatters. Just take a look at 46- year- old CABi consultant Michelle (left) Michelle told me that she tries to incorporate color into her daily style.

In the middle is Marlo, a 45-year-old Hawaii native who, prefers sporty, casual attire, especially colored denim.

Joey ( right) likes to layer a sporty pink t-shirt with a lace camisole to create a color block effect that offsets her jeans.    You all look fab ladies!

For more ideas on how to incorporate colored jeans in your wardrobe, pick up a copy of my ebook: Color Me Fabulous.

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