Do These Capri Pants Look Good On Me?

Dear Deborah,

I am wondering if I “can or should” be wearing Capri pants. These are made of a stretchy material and about the only thing that fits me because of my super skinny legs.

Are these appropriate for my age (59)?  Also, is it ok to wear them as long as I look like this, or should I forget capris and start wearing pants?  (shorts do NOT look good on me because of my skinny legs) 

Cathy S.

Hi Cathy,
Black Capris

Yes, these are age appropriate!

Yes, Capris are very much still in style and absolutely age-appropriate. You are so youthful looking and in great shape! (Just look at those lovely arms!!!!)

Plus, your legs are gorgeous!! Many women don’t look good incapris that hit the widest part of their leg because they have large or wide calves, but this is actually a perfect length for you. Also:

  • The top you have chosen is wonderful because it’s long enough and hits you at a good spot.
  • Your necklace is perfect to fill in the scoop neck
  • Your sandals look updated and the thickness of the straps balance out the print in the top.

Keep up the great work looking Age-Amazing™.

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Lesley Handyside says:

    Cathy, your capris look good on you! I would go even further to suggest that you were something a bit more fitted to show off your waist. You have great proportions so showcase what you have!

  2. You shouldn’t have to ask! You look beautiful!

  3. Cherrylinda says:

    I am curious how tall you are Cathy. I am a shorty so the capris could be too long on me. I am going to Kmart to check them out any way. You look terrific in that outfit!

  4. I think those look great on you! Nothing wrong with your outfit. :)

  5. Wow, she looks phenomenal….im jealous!

  6. I think she looks freaking fantastic!!!

  7. What a great outfit! I wear capris most of the time here in Florida but I know some of mine are too baggy to be stylish! I like the info about why this outfit is balanced…very interesting! Thanks Deborah and Happy New Year! ♥♥♥

  8. You look GREAT—and fit, what’s your secret?

  9. Cathy got back to me and said:
    You won’t believe where I got these pants or what I paid for them. They are from KMart and are the Basic Editions – relaxed fit. I have them in blue, black, grey and white. The white look fabulous on me as well – if I pair it with the right top. This brand is also available in other colors that I do NOT recommend, they are just not as flattering.

    Thanks Cathy!