Is Sun Protection in Winter Really Necessary?

Woman Ice Skates

Oh Baby! It’s getting cold outside. Time to rethink your beauty routine to  as the weather changes. No doubt, we  should all be aware that the sun is one of the top aging factors out there, and we need to make sure that we keep our skin protected daily.

That means applying sunscreen  every morning. And here lies the challenge: after several hours, it needs to be re-applied. Once the foundation is applied, the prospect of slathering on more gooey stuff doesn’t sound appealing to most of us. (more on this from our Fashion Flasher,  No-Nonsense Beauty)

This week, our Fashion Flash is being hosted by Birthday girl Staness from Menopause Makeover and  is where you can read more on keeping your skin youthful, diet tips, plus size inspiration and other over 40 fashion and beauty topics!






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  1. As temperatures drop, you might be packing away your sunscreen and hats until next summer. You’re bundling up and besides, the sun isn’t as intense in the winter; it can’t do too much damage, right?