Eyeglasses to Tweak your Chic after 40

glasses over 40One of the quickest ways to Dump the Frump over 40 is to update your glasses.

But finding great frames can be as daunting as finding the perfect swimsuit, bra or pair of jeans. Face shape is certainly one thing to consider, but so is your personality.

It’s key your glasses communicate WHO you are!



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Take this gal, for example, on left she looks conservative and boring. Look right, and the funky blue glasses bring out her true personality!

Our friend, Image Expert  Wendy Buchanan, has a created a system called  Be Spectacular™ that categorizes frame styles into 5 categories to match your personality and business image.

Here’s what’s currently hot  in Eyewear and what fashion trends work with each style.

glasses over 40 woman The Subtle Sophisticate™ frame style is for the serious corporate professional who likes to take a leadership role. This individual is concise and detailed and thrives in an environment that is structured and organized.
   The Daring Dramatic™ frame style is for the individual who has a strong presence and shines in the limelight. This individual exudes confidence, strength and is self motivated enjoying a career in design or entertainment. Frames are Wild!! Animal print patterns.
   The Natural™ frame style is for the approachable, relaxed and practical professional. This individual is entrepreneurial and likes to “call the shots” and may have a career in sales or medicine.  Oversized Sporty Wrap with a casual look
 The Inspired Artist™ frame style is for the naturally sparkly and animated professional who is a bit of a rebel and is happy to break the rules. This individual loves an ever changing business environment that allows them to use their creative energy. Retro Geek Chic
   The Elegant Charmer™ frame style is for the soft and caring professional who enjoys working one on one in a consulting or counseling role. This individual makes people feel safe and comfortable very quickly.



Floating Lenses suspended in a light metal frame.

Whether you have always worn glasses or are just starting because your 40+ eyes can’t read the menu ( don’t we all know that feeling!), you can pop over to Perceptions Eyewear and take the “What is Your Frame Style” questionnaire to determine the perfect pair to suit your unique personality.

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  1. Cute! I think my favorite is the subtle sophisticate. I wear glasses sporadically and I always get positive comments when I wear them! glasses are tres sexy!

    • Hi Maggie,
      Yes, you can really use glasses as an accessory. Whatever style you choose is really a style statement. It is amazing what glasses say about a person!

  2. Glasses have always been an issue for me so I had Lasik over 20 years ago.

    As I got older and needed reading glasses, I took to wearing one contact to compensate for my vision.

    I know this isn’t a solution for all but it works for me.

  3. Good advice. I personaly think that you can buy a good dress use it 10 or 15 days in summer or spring but if you buy good glasses you will use them 365 days a year.

    Best regards from Barcelona, Spain.

    Mari Cruz