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Do you think Maria Carey (age 41) is dressing too young?

Kick start your week with some great tips from the Monday Fashion Flash, our weekly beauty and fashion tips from some of the top over 40 bloggers! Here are some of the topics we are chatting about today:

  • Out of the mouths of babes: What the younger generation thinks of some of the things we wear to try to look hip and youthful. (Check out this list and make sure you’re not doing a “don’t”!)
  • Having sleep problems these days? This just might help a little…
  • Is your tummy needing a little toning?
  • Improve your self-confidence and she how other women like us feel about themselves these days.
  • Accessories that look super on gals with curves…
Meet our Fab hostess, Kari Solyntjes from Fab Over Forty where you can read more about these hot topics and more!



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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Mariah dresses trashy and it wouldn’t matter if she was 25. In my opinion trying too hard can apply to any woman at any age. Young women often try too hard to look sexy by wearing clothes that are too tarty and revealing. Older women often don’t try at all and play it safe in dull clothes that don’t flatter.

    I think we can leave age completely out of the equation and talk about body types and just good old fashioned class. I don’t understand the need for showing every inch of my body and never have. The only time this type of dressing is appropriate for anyone is poolside or formal after five situations – and then one has to take into account the body and the face, I suppose.

    Nobody expects a sixty year old to be in a micro mini with sparkles all over, but a little cleavage and some leg if well-maintained shouldn’t be a problem! Older women should have permission to be sexy without being trashy. They are not the same and neither are limited to youth.

    • Hi La Fem Bott,
      We agree with your points! For sure, after 40,50.50 and beyond we can dress alluring and feel good about it! It’s all in the way that you don’t show too much skin and pick and choose the “sexy” area you want to show off. Showing off too many areas at once can look trashy.

  2. I do not think Mariah dress too young. I’m even thought she at 25++-30 yrs old

  3. Have to agree ladies the dress is not flattering on Mariah at all, mainly I think because it’s too tight & too short. A few inches longer & skimming over her body rather than clinging would have made all the difference. She needs to visit this website for a few tips. :)

  4. Hester Prin says:

    I not only think that Mariah Carey dresses too young, too trashy, but also is way too “healthy” (to put it nicely) to wear the things she wears.

    Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should be wearing it.

    She needs to spend some of her megabucks on a new stylist!

  5. This particular dress would probably not look good on anyone…unless they were tiny! Kate Hudson wears a tiny dress in the movie Raising Helen and it looks cute on her but this is not becoming to Mariah C.! And it doesn’t have anything to do with age! lol ♥

  6. Yes, I saw those posts. I enjoyed the smart way to dress better. Your posts are good, sometimes the ones you link to on other blogs seem a bit limited.

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  7. Carey looks ridiculous in this no matter what age she is!

    I read the article – not a lot of info. there. The few things they listed are for the most part tacky at any age, not just for those over 40.

    As far as age-appropriate articles go, I’d rather read about how to reduce or repair sun damaged skin or how to color gray hair at home without looking like you did it yourself. Or how to make an investment in great classic clothes and make them last.

    Fashion editorial seems more entertaining and helpful when it’s teaching us what looks great, or not so great – at any age. I think we’re all getting a bit tired of those “what not to wear after a certain age” articles.

    • HI Kelly,
      Great to hear more on what YOU want to read about. This is helpful input you have shared, however you must be more advanced in you sense of style. We just did a great article on how to invest in great classic clothes, did you see this post about A smart way to dress better?
      We try to have a variety of articles but do like to focus on tips to look classy after 40. Also, the fashion flash did have a great article on how to repair sun damaged skin from our friend Deborah Chase of the No Nonsense Beauty Blog.

  8. I’m not “judging”, either, but I must say Carey looks ridiculous. She may be an entertainer, but she is obviously trying too hard to seem “young”. Too many women, celebrities or not, don’t realize how foolish they look wearing outfits that are no longer flattering.

  9. I’m 51 and I’ve been told that I’m a trendy dresser by adults and kids (I teach)! I love to accessorize with cheap and funky accessories. IMO, you can dress young without being too revealing. We’ve all seen that line crossed too often. Saggy cleavage, brown specked skin, flabby arms, ugghh.
    Just like bikinis that shouldn’t be made in certain sizes, some clothes should have “age limit” tags attached!

  10. I don’t think Mariah dresses too young, just kind of tacky. Even when she was young she always looked inappropriate, but hey, if she fees good and loves the way she looks, then good for her, who are we to judge….

    • Hi Judy,
      I just wanted to start a discussion… we are not judging, just putting it out there. However you make a good point that she is a singer and dresses like one.
      You might want to link to the article about it over @ Faboverfourty.