Effective Skin Care Routines For Women Over 40 ~ Fashion Flash

Are you unhappy with your current skin care routine and products? You’re not alone. 61 percent of women are unhappy withskincare-over-40 the results from their current routine.

In this week’s Fashion Flash, a round up of the best over 40 fashion and beauty bloggers on the web, you’ll find what really works when it comes to skin care for women over 40.

This week’s Fashion Flash is hosted by Shawna from Female Fat Loss Over 40. Don’t miss some of the other topics women over 40 are buzzing about this week:

  • Looking for a high-quality makeup brand that is budget-friendly? Sonia Kashuk for Target is easy on the wallet and the face.
  • Achieve a gorgeous summer glow without being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Vita Liberata is a new sunless tanner that has everyone talking.
  • Discover the best and easiest ways to stay hydrated this summer.
  • To go grey or not to go grey? That is the big question for women over 40. Find out why grey can be beautiful.
  • One fashion blogger takes on a major clothing retailer to spread her message of what makes a model beautiful.

Head on over to Female Fat Loss over 40 to get all the details on the latest fashion, beauty and health advice.


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  1. Great site! It is wonderful to find a site that addresses the beauty concerns of women over 40 in this youth oriented world.
    How about more natural skin care articles?

    • Hi Tobi, Great idea. We are branching out more into beauty so natural skin care is a really worthwhile topic I know my readers would be interested in. If anyone else has ideas for what they’d like to see on Fabulous After 40 please send them along!

  2. Thanks for sharing Deborah Boland. I found my daily face routine, and everything as been great.