Floral Dresses Signal Summer is Here

chiffon floral dressSome of summer’s most beautiful flowers aren’t in the garden. They’re blooming in clothing stores! Feminine dresses in pretty floral patterns are everywhere.

Two of the most flattering styles are the sheath dress  and the fit and flare. Here’s a look at a few that could work for you.    

Perfectly Pretty  This delicate  floral chiffon dress  almost looks like it has been hand painted. Soft and feminine, it would be pretty for any special occasion.

No Boring Bouquet Here!

This striking floral dress showcases the latest trend in floral patterns- big bold blooms with an exotic feel. – A head turner!

 blue and whte  floral dress
Brushstroke Florals

What a ladylike dress! — This Shantung Midi  with a brushstroke print is just right for traditional types looking for a modern update.

pink floral dress
Not Your Grandma’s Florals

These blooms are anything but garden variety. This striped organza floral  is perfect for gals who want to look classy and chic. Fashion forward and fantastic!

sheer black floral dress

Sporty Twist

A creative color combination and black piping give this scuba style sheath a sporty twist. Energetic and youthful!

blue scuba sheath dress
A Rose By Any Other Name

A very traditional flower gets a modern makeover thanks to this pretty sheath in crisp summer white. Polished and Pretty!

 white sheath dress with roses
Midnight Garden 

Lilac colored blooms set against an inky background give this pretty floral dress a moody vibe.

 dark floral dress
Abstract Florals

For the gal who doesn’t like her florals big and obvious this painterly floral dress is a great choice. Look closely and at this artistic masterpiece to see the tiny blooms. Fresh and modern!


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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. You know how much I love my sheath dresses! #classic

  2. Jeanne Michaels says:

    These are lovely but my arms, alas, need coverage. Would love it if you would include some summer-weight cardigans or shrugs that could be worn with the dresses, and also summer dresses with elbow length or 3/4 sleeves. This is a market very ignored currently!

  3. I am 55 and a runner, so I am in pretty good shape, wear a size 6. My favorite dresses were drop-waisted when I was in my 30s. Is this too young for me now, in gray or black?

  4. Yes, I agree with the other ladies. I am looking for a floral dress/skirt for spring and weddings and am having a terrible time finding something with a little more coverage. Some 1/2 sleeves would be nice. Also not all of us have the perfect calves to show off either. I am in good shape, but 6 babies have made my calves something I would rather conceal a little bit. Love the sheath dress look though. I appreciate your site.

  5. Kimberly says:


    I just found your ezine and I think it’s great. I am 45 and I love to wear dresses. I really like dresses by Rachel Pally, Velvet, Michael Stars etc… but I am a little busty, my question is, who makes dresses that are cute and stylish that aren’t so low cut? It seems as if all the dresses these days are made for small breasted women. Can you please tell me and other women like me where we can find dresses that cover our breasts.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Kimberly,
      It’s a difficult problem! One thing many busty women do, is find a “bandeau” top and wear it under your things that are too low.
      (it is a piece of fabric like a “tube top”. It is like wearing a thin spaghetti strap top but with out the straps!

      I wear Velvet, and some of their dresses are not cut too low so it will depend on the style. Also, I love Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dresses, but they almost never cover me very well and I am not even that big! However, I do wear a full camisole under mine and that works great. (FYI,the bandeau top would not work with a wrap dress, since it would not hold you up enough)


  6. Please do post dresses with sleeves! I have the worst time finding warm weather dresses that are flattering and have sleeves…and don’t give me a cap sleeve and expect me to think it’s a sleeve…I know the difference!

  7. Dresses are beautiful. I love it.

  8. I love them, but what if your arms are one of your “bad spots”