Gold Metallic Sandals – The Perfect Summer Shoe

Deborah BolandDeborah: I was at the hairdresser the other day when I complimented my stylist on her new sandals and somehow got into this great conversation about gold sandals and how they are the perfect summer shoe.

After chatting about how much we loved rich metallic shoes I realized that pretty much all my summer sandals were gold!


So I went home and counted. 8 pairs out 12 pairs that I own are gold.

I asked a friend of mine, “Is it just me or do you like gold too?” Turns out,  she had a few pairs herself.

Here’s 3 reason they work for me:

1. Gold is a Fab Neutral –  It goes with everything. While black can be harsh, white tacky and brown too earthy, gold is perfect.

2. Gold matches my skin– I’m warm. In the world of color analysis I’m considered a spring, so gold works well with my coloring. The gold flows with my fair golden hair and skin giving my legs a nice lean line. Even if you are not warm skinned, anyone with even hint of a tan looks fab in gold.

3. Gold looks rich and elegant– no matter how summery and chic I look in stylish shorts or a sundress, I always feel more elegant with gold shoes.  They add that touch of class.

Will I buy more gold? Yes, I’ll keep going for the gold. Here are a few new gold sandals  I  found online that I would love to add to my collection. How about you?

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I love metallic shoes too — gold AND silver AND copper! I am a redhead, too, but I find that silver sandals go well with my silver jewelry, and is a bit more casual when paired with, say, a black sundress.

    At night, gold is dressier — and I do switch to gold jewelry when I wear my gold sandals or flats. I know that it’s OK to mix metals, but I suppose it depends on your taste and style. I totally agree with Deborah when she notes that black footwear can be too harsh, especially in summer, but I do have some black sandals that work with black dresses and such. I also love NUDE sandals in the summer to draw attention away from my legs.

  2. I LOVE metallic shoes in ANY silhouette I can find. But as a redhead and a lover of earth tones, my color of choice is bronze(or copper would do).
    They’re neutral and go with everything I own.
    The only problem I have with them is when I wear out my favorite pair of bronze shoes, I always wish I had the foresight to have purchased 2 pairs.

  3. I too am a big fan of metallic sandals. I have seven pairs in various heel heights and styles, including: flats, wedges, slides, high heels and even flip flops. Since I am a summer (cool and soft), I opt for pewter and silver. They are my go-to shoes for the summer.

  4. Connie Dalbey says:

    Love the metallic sandals but I wear silver jewelry 95% of the time. Is it ok to wear the gold sandals with my silver jewelry? I’m a little old school and am just not sure if it’s a no no or not.

  5. I love gold sandals, I have a pair that I refuse to get rid of until I find the next perfect pair!

  6. Those Delman sandals are over $400 Cdn! Beautiful but way too expensive.

  7. I worked in my closet today and yes…I have a pair of gold sandals! YAY! I have one fashionable thing in there at least! Now I think I need more than one! heehee!