What To Wear Skiing On Spring Break?

Snow Skirt

Snow skirts- even appropriate after 40.

Are any of you going skiing for Spring Break? What are you going to be packing?

I just heard about a new twist on staying warm.

It’s called a snow skirt.

It’s a simple idea. Basically, it’s just a nice, warm, wrap skirt that has Velcro and is super easy to take on and off.

It turns out that two young gals from Canada are selling these warm and fuzzy wraps at the Etsy site, Fantasy World Hero.

Black Snow Skirt

Look how easy it is to dress up this simple black snow skirt!

I think they are appropriate for any age. Snow skirts really keep you warm and comfortable and they are a lot more stylish than a pair of jeans!

To “wrap” things up, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts on skirts from this article at www.eatmyheart:

When­ever I see a girl in a skirt, I take notice. When­ever I wear a skirt, I feel extra­or­di­nary, orig­i­nal, bold, and also a lit­tle out of con­trol — my body puls­ing with strange fem­i­nine pow­ers.

Skirts are risky. Com­plex.  Gen­der spe­cific. They say I’m a girl, and I’m okay with that. Put on a skirt and your estro­gen lev­els instantly sky­rocket.  If you’re try­ing to crack the recipe for love, or at least, the recipe for desire, skirts are rec­om­mended since most boys pre­fer girls in skirts.

Unfor­tu­nately most girls pre­fer their three year old Club Monaco jeans with the hole in the crotch. This has to change! Now! (On my deathbed, I don’t want to say, wist­fully, “I wish I’d worn more skirts.” What if I’m rein­car­nated as a man?)”

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  1. hollister outlet

  2. It is said the how cold weather in the picture!

  3. Fashionistas, I want to say – You are young!

  4. Hi. That is a great idea. I’m still a big lover of pants as well, but also like skirts a lot. This was my take on wearing a skirt in the snow on a recent ski holiday. http://40plusstyle.com/a-winter-outfit-fit-for-the-snow/

  5. The website you posted, is it only available there?

  6. Love the look, but I’m a little confused. What do you wear under the snow skirt?

    • Hi Lou,
      That is the fun of the snow skirt…it is really ment to be worn like a jacket…you wear it OVER your legging, jeans, skirts, ect… You can certainly wear it by itself with just some tights and a top and jacket too… but it is warm and if you were planning on being inside for a long period of time you would be wanting to take it off.
      So far, I have been wearing it over my yoga clothes, every time I go out to exercise class or to the store. Even wore it over my jeans to take a walk in the snow one evening with my husband.

  7. Love both looks.

    • Hi Joann,
      Thanks. I have been wearing it daily and getting lots of compliments and curious looks! “What do you have on?, where did you get it?”
      Love having something that is unique yet functional! Thanks goodness, it has been sooooo cold back east! I wore it to yoga last night and was so toasty warm before and after class getting back to my frigid car!

  8. I must be missing something, but why does winter foreclose skirt wearing? I live in the frozen tundra (Minnesota) where it did not get above zero degrees farenheit last week. I still wore a skirt every day but one to work (and am walking 1-2 blocks several times a day between buildings). High boots, longer skirts, tights, a long swing coat. Not sure I understand need for snow skirt. I wouldn’t mind wearing pants but I’m so hippy I just look better in skirts.

  9. Where did the jacket come from? The white here looks great. When I wear white I look terribly washed out. How can I pull it off although I am warm colored?


  10. I love that skirt! Looks great and we’re certainly getting enough snow this year to make it worthwhile.


  11. Several years ago, during a severe cold snap, I was in the fabric store, and left with several yards of sweatshirt fabric, from which I made princess seamed “sweat dresses.” They only get worn in January and maybe February, when the temperatures are brutal, but they make it possible to be warm and feminine. Now I need to look into “snow skirts!”

    • Hi Marjie,
      Great idea about a “sweat dress”, sound cozy and comfy too! LOVE the snow skirt, because it is almost like a jacket. You can put on a nice (or sexy) outfit and then wrap this around your legs and still go out and feel warm! If you sew, this could be easy for you to make!