Headbands for Women Over 40 …Yay or Nay?

Headbands for Women Over 40

This bow headband is cute on this young girl, however after 40 it can look silly!

Hi Deborah,
I am over forty and have recently considered wearing headbands or other hair accessories because my hair is so short.
A little history on me; I cut my relaxed hair off and decided to go natural and not chemically straighten my hair anymore.   However, this process is proving to be difficult because I am currently at an awkward growth stage and really want to use some type of hair accessories

I have been following your blog and saw one post in particular where you talked about headbands for women over 40 and said we should not wear headbands or flower bows.  Mind you, I am not talking about huge hair accessories, just something to wear to get me through the current awkward stage.  So, if not headbands or flowers, what would you suggest? – Thanks, Lisa Q.

Hi Lisa,

I’m glad that you brought up this question since a headband can certainly be one of those hair accessories that help a gal get through transitioning from one style to another, or it could be one of those things that defines your style.  Please note that I did not say “never wear headbands.”  On the contrary, I said ,

“While a simple headband can be fine no matter what your age, when you start trying  out styles with all sorts of flowers, bows and sparkly do-dads, then you are treading in some risky waters!”

That’s right a headband or scarf can be just the ticket, while transitioning your hairstyle, so I say yes to a headband, but you don’t want a headband that is flashy.

However, here are some things to think about when wearing a headband or hair accessory:

  • If you are wearing a headband, keep your accessories simple.  You don’t want to compete with glasses, large earrings act…
  • The best color to choose would be one that blends in with your hair color.  That way you will not notice it as much.
  • A casual headband usually says “preppy.”  Make sure your outfit fits with this look.
  • A dressy headband needs to be in harmony with your  formal dress.  Keep the dress very simple you don’t want to compete with the hair accessory.
  • Scarves are a fun way to keep your hair back and can give your look a more bohemian one if you don’t want to look so conservative.
  • Anything with a bow will not be age appropriate.
After a certain age, headbands can be very tricky to wear, but not impossible.  Just be aware of what message you are sending and that the accessory blends in nicely with your hair and outfit!


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  1. I’ve got to admit, I think big bows and oversized hairbands etc. look silly, no matter what age. I think we’re just more forgiving to the young!

  2. I’m also at an awkward, growing-out phase with my naturally curly hair. Trying to grow my bangs, and right now they are hanging in my eyes and quite a pain! How do you feel about simple barrettes? No rhinestones or flowers or anything, just simple flat ones.