Help! What Color Should I Wear To My Daughter’s Wedding?

what color does the mother of the bride wear

what color does the mother of the bride wear

Dressing the Mother of the Bride -Tips for Deciding what Color to Wear

The most often asked question asked by a  Mother of the Brides  is “what color should the mother of the bride wear?” Choosing the right color is stressful and scary.

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration such as the time of year, the formality of the event, how the color photographs, the color of the bridesmaids dresses and the color of the wedding flowers, not to mention what looks good on you.  How can you be certain that you are choosing the right color?

Here are 5 tips for deciding what color to wear when you are Mother of the Bride:

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One option is to wear a mother of the bride dress in the same general color family as the bridesmaids. This is a classy way to co-ordinate, but still be a little different.  For example, if the bridesmaids are in lavender, the Mother of the Bride is in eggplant.


Another idea is to choose a Mother of the Bride dress in a color that is directly opposite on the color wheel to the bridesmaids’ dresses.

You’ll definitely stand out, but the bridesmaids will still look great next to you in pictures. For example, the bridesmaids might be in orange and the Mother of the Bride in blue.


You could also wear a color in the same color palette as the bridesmaids dresses.  For a seasonally themed wedding, this can nicely pick up different aspects of the season, and look very classy.  Bridesmaids may be in pastel blue and mom can be in soft, butter yellow.


Most women ask, “What color does  the mother of the bride wear?”  They’re wondering about a single color. But you can actually wear multiple colors by choosing a pattern. If this is your choice, then wear a patterned Mother of the Bride dress with a color in it that echoes the bridal colors.  This adds some personality to the bridal party and pictures.  For instance, if the bridesmaids wear pink, the mother of the bride can be in pink and green watercolor wash.


When in doubt, neutrals go with everything! Just be careful to get a more saturated color so it doesn’t wash you out. For example, if the bridesmaids are in Chartreuse with magenta sashes and fuchsia bouquets, the Mother of the Bride can still wear a dark, silvery gray.

Of course, you can always take the bride with you for a second opinion!  She will certainly have a vision in mind about how she wants her day to look, and will probably be the best person to go to for advice.  With this in mind, picking out a color to go with the bridal party will be a cinch.


Can the mother of the bride wear black?  If you think not, then be sure to read my dressing the mother of the bride post about black, where we discuss this very topic.

Picking the right color for your mother of the bride dress is just on part of looking fabulous at the wedding. For more great tips and advice check out my popular eBook, Tweak Your Chic: Mother of the Bride. It’s  complete guide to looking and feeling like a million on one of the most cherished days of your life.

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  1. Mary Justin says:

    Hi, thank you for all your great tips and advice. I’m going to my granddaughters wedding in the spring next year. I’m 58. The wedding is Semi formal and all she asks is that I wear a pastel color. Her bridesmaids will be dressed in different shades of pastels of their choice. So with that in mind, what would you suggest? My color palette for myself is more fall/winter. So, I’m having a little difficulty choosing what to wear, color and length.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mary, What an exciting event for you. I know you are going to want to look your best, but it is really hard for me to help you unless I know your coloring. If you skin and hair are warm (golden undertones) you will look better in warmer pastels like peaches and yellows. If your skin is more pink and your hair more ash than gold, you will generally look better in pale pinks and pale blues. These are very general guidelines. To learn more about color, and figure out which colors may look good on you, I suggest you pick up a copy of my ebook: Color Me Fabulous which goes more into depth on the Colors for various skin/hair profiles, or if you wish to consult an image consultant in your area, you will find that this type of color information will benefit you greatly. You can find an image consultant via Cheers, Deborah