Long Hair After 50?

long hair over 50

Almost 50 and radiant, but should she go longer?

Dear Deborah,

I will be 50 on May 8th.  I have never had short hair. This picture is with my son at his best friend’s wedding. I’m thinking about going longer for my 50’s debut. What do you think? Cindy Ramirez

Wow…you look FAB, Cindy!

I wanted to make sure you got the best advice available so I sent your letter and photo to my friend, celebrity hair guru, Billie Lowe Here is what he said:

Billy Lowe, LA's premier stylist!

Billy Lowe, LA’s premier stylist!

Dear Cindy,
I think you look fabulous at 50 and I love it when women are confident enough to wear longer tresses.I do, however, think a shoulder length cut (maybe a tad longer) would be perfect on you.

When I saw your photo, my first glance caught your hair at the right shoulder area and I missed the tresses at the back.  I immediately thought that shoulder length look would be perfect for you, yet still give you some length to play with.

Find a great stylist and one that knows your hair type and can work with you on this journey.  Longer hair?  Not so sure.   But 3-4 inches off to start would be a fun look for you.   You can always take more off later, but start with a few inches for now and see how you like it.

Best of luck and send us updated photos! Billy Lowe, www.billylowe.com

Good luck Cindy… and have a great Birthday!! ~Deborah.

*One note growing your hair can sometimes make you look younger. See what I mean. My reader sent in this photo.

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. 40, 50,60 , are just numbers and those ages don’t look like our mothers did back then. We are taking better care of ourselves and are not showing are ages as early. I have friends who look older because of the shorter hairstyles. I’m 59 and have passed for 40’s. Short hair can age you just as much as long straggly hair. It depends on the woman. Don’t cut your long hair based on age, do it based on what looks best on you.

  2. Your hair looks terrific. Keep it long! Women are individuals, not numbers, and to cut it shorter would be a mistake, I think!

    I’d actually like to see more women over 40 keeping their longer hair. I get so sick of seeing the same short, cropped hair on older women! When you combine it with thickening necks and stoutening middles (you’re not like this at all, I’m just saying I see this on the street a LOT and it irks me because clearly the stylists / hairdressers are pointing women in this direction and it is SO wrong!), it’s NOT a flattering look at all – the shorter hair makes women look dumpy and unattractive.

  3. I love your hair! It’s the perfect lenght, now. No need to change it.

  4. You are beautiful and don’t look 50 at all. (Amazing skin!) I would agree with keeping your hair long, but would gently suggest a little updating in how you style it, especially the bangs. Maybe treat yourself to a trendy salon for your 50th? I find hairstyle and glasses are the most telling signs of age when it comes to fashion.

  5. You look so pretty with long hair. Keep it as long as you can. I think it rules!

  6. Cindy, I totally agree with the pros suggestion
    I have long hair and have always had long hair. I too have wondered how long it’s OK to keep it and look good in it. So far, everyone has told me I’m good with it long, but I now keep it just a little bit past my shoulders when it’s straight, and just at the top of my shoulders when it’s curly. I will be in serious shock when it’s time to get it styled short.

    • Hi Ellen,
      Hopefully you will never have to go too short. I see plenty of women in their 70’s with long hair to their shoulders even when they are gray!
      As long as it is healthy looking and well groomed and is regularly trimmed.