How to Dress to Camouflage Your Tummy

Falbby TummyWhat happened to the days when our waists were slim and our mid-sections were something that seldom crossed our minds? Many of us over 40 struggle with our mid-sections.

For some it’s a protruding tummy, for others it’s a thicker waist and let’s not forget the muffin top. So, how do you dress to camouflage your belly?

Guest blogger, Image Consultant Sheila Dicks has these solutions:

There are two options: The first is to exercise and change our eating habits, which as you probably know is not as easy as it sounds. There’s just something about stubborn belly fat. The second option is to dress in a way that conceals – by far the easiest. Let’s talk about concealing a tummy and the choices we have available.

Shapewear to Camouflage your TummyChoice # 1 – Undergarments

Undergarments are  called foundation garments for good reason. No matter what your age or wardrobe challenges, wearing the right undergarments is a prerequisite for looking great in your clothes.

When you wear undergarments to hide a tummy you have several choices:

High-waist panty: This foundation garment works great under pants or jeans. Make sure the top of the garment is under your bra and that you’re not creating extra bumps. High Waist Panty

High waist short: These shorts create a smooth look (no lines) and are great to wear under clingy dresses, jersey pants or any garment that is clinging and revealing. High-Waste Short

Slimming Tank:   This tank is also a great choice to wear under pants or jeans. It will slim your waist area and not create bumps anywhere else. Open Bust Camisole

Open bust camisole: Just the thing to wear with pants or jeans. If your bust is small and/or you’d like to add a little lift to it this is the perfect garment to do it.

Choice # 2 – Choosing clothing styles that are slimming and flattering  

Choose styles that glide over your tummy and waist and/or take attention from that area.
Clothing Styles that are Slimming and FlatteringEmpire Waist Dresses

Empire Waist Dresses - The wonderful thing is they suit any body type and they will hide a tummy and drape nicely over problem areas. Be sure to choose them in your best color.

Tops – The best tops to hide a large mid section are tops in a printed material, tops in a light fabric that doesn’t cling, and tops that are not tight.

Straight JeansJeans -The most flattering jeans for women who want to conceal a tummy are those that end at the belly button or one inch below the belly button.  Choose jeans in a stretch denim for the best comfort and for a more slimming look. Also buy them in a  dark color.

Guest blogger Sheila Dicks is a style coach who helps women find their best styles and colors so they look and feel fabulous and attract more of what they want. You can find her at:

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Michelle Young says:

    The hints and tips on the site is brilliant, I just love the images to show us ladies how we too can dress to look good..thankyou Deborah

  2. What about some tips for women over 50 and beyond? Many of us are still in the workforce and need to look good.
    I looked great in my 40’s.I was always model thin until my 50’s. Now at 56 with some post menopausal weight gain, I have tried on my first Spanx. At this age, blessed with urinary urge incontinence, I cannot be struggling with that thing in the bathroom!

  3. You speak about how to dress to camoflouge the belly, while using models that are extremely thin! “Real” women are not always shaped that way. Those models can look good in anything, so your points, although well intentioned, would come across better if actually using the women with the body that your trying to help. I’m 44, and I have no idea where to shop anymore. Clothes shopping has become painful, disappointing and frustrating. I can’t quite find the right store to fit my body type. Which is a curvy size 6 or 8, with the curve on the bottom, not the top. Any suggestions for a store that I would like while not killing my budget?

  4. I think you should have a category section on jeans, that could be a whole topic in itself.

  5. So where do you find good jeans that at or below the belly button that are not teenager jeans?

  6. Thank you for this post, it is so helpful !

  7. I’d appreciate the brand names of the shapewear shown above. Thanks.