Necklines That Hide Your Midlife Tummy

How To Hide Your Midlife Tummy - Midlife Tummy

How To Hide Your Midlife Tummy

Many of us have it… that darn spare tire!  It’s right there in the middle between our bust and our hips and it’s hard to avoid after age 40 and a baby or two.
How can you dress to hide that stubborn midlife tummy that annoys you to no end? The answer is easy.

Wear a top with a neckline that draws the eye upwards. 

It’s all about the art of distraction. A top with an interesting neckline puts the focus on your chest and face and takes attention away from your tummy.

For example:

pink v neck top -  body look leaner V-Neck – Wearing a top that shows some skin up top opens up your chest area, makes your neck look longer, and your whole body look leaner.
studded top Michael Kors - Embellishment Attracts Embellishment Attracts – A top with studs, beads, sequins,  or anything decorative keeps the focus where it needs to be – your face!


Red top with Shoulder cutouts - tricks one's eye Interesting Shoulder Detail – A neckline like this with added shoulder detail also works because it tricks one’s eye to look up at your shoulders and not down at your tummy.
black plus size top - Jewelry Up Top Jewelry Up Top – The same principle applies here. Where does the eye go – to the bling and not the bulge!

Now, here’s a little test to see if you have been paying attention.

which top slims -  most slimming

which top slims


Which of these two tops is most slimming and why? Can you guess right?

Here are a few more tops in stores with necklines that would distract from your midlife middle.


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  1. This red top with shoulder cutouts from Calvin Klein looks amazing. And my second option is pink top from Macy´s. o)