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Hi Deborah, Dressing Vintage

I love your blog. I was prompted to write you after I read your article about dressing vintage after 40 and I think yes, it can be done! I have a sewing blog called Sew Country Chick. I am 42 and make almost all of my clothes.
Red Vinatge DressI specialize in sewing from  vintage patterns. I also do a lot of upcycling. I buy things at thrift shops and redo them to be more flattering and use mostly vintage fabrics.
I buy at flea markets for my dresses making it a VERY cheap alternative to shopping. Not too many people sew nowadays but it is a great way to get your clothes to fit you perfectly.  I’m including some pictures of the clothes I have made. Thanks, Justine
Hi Justine,

Wow, you have blown us away with your adorable outfits! Thanks for sharing…we hope it will inspire others who are fond of sewing to get back to it!


Vintage Yellow Dress

Vintage Sailor DressAlso, for those who have a hard time finding items to fit, this is a perfect solution! Vintage looks great especially for special occasions when you really want to look special, like wearing a vintage dress to a wedding. My readers love it.

Good luck with your website!

Cheers, Deborah



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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Wanda in Edmonton says:

    Linda Traylor, congratulations on the weight loss and good for you for “renovating” your wardrobe, as my DH refers to it. I did the same with some of my favourite pieces after recently losing 49 lbs. I paid a lot of money for some of the things I altered and others, while not expensive perhaps, were things I really liked. It truly is like finding a whole new wardrobe, isn’t it? I don;t think it matters whether you buy new fabric or cut up items you have on hand and fashion a totally new garment.

    I too draft my own patterns. Pants, in particular, fit me much better when I make them myself because I have high hips and a flat bottom.

  2. Linda Traylor says:

    Hey, I love sewing… and it is a very good thing. It’s one thing to suddenly need an entirely new wardrobe while one is young and still has an income. But at 73, I find myself needing an entirely new closet as I recently lost 130 pounds and all of those great clothes I bought in a size 3X no longer fit. And the retirement income has no allowance for new clothes. What to do? Well, I replaced a good coat in a summer sale; and my great suede jacket I took to a tailor to cut down. But I am taking all of the pants and all of the good tees and tops and believe it or not, I am remaking them. I even have some things which I simply cut apart and am using the pieces as if they were new fabrics. I am making new clothes from the old and not much worn. I am so glad that I not only know how to sew, but I also design and make my own patterns (having learned that skill several years ago from someone who teaches designers show to draft patterns). Yes, it would be easier and much faster to just go and buy. But since that isn’t going to be possible, I am making my own things as I need them. Right now, that means great tops to wear with good fitting pants and a couple of great skirts I did buy. I am going to buy a long sweater and that should be all I need for a while. So glad I learned to sew and have kept it up until now when I rally need it!