How to Wear Black Leather Over 40

Black leather has never been more popular, but if you wonder whether it’s too rock n’ roll for a grown-up gal, just look at Olivia Newton John.

oliva newton john black leggings

These days she’s rockin black leather just as well as she did when she starred in Grease, and she’s no spring chicken anymore!

Leather after 40 is age appropriate, but how do you wear it without it looking tough, harsh or tacky? It all boils down to a couple of things:

1. Confidence- Does it suit your personality because if  it doesn’t feel authentic you’ll never look cool in black leather.

2. Styling- You must tastefully incorporate black leather into your wardrobe in a classy, modern way.

Here’s some tips for how to wear black leather at 40, 50 and beyond without looking like a worn out biker chick.
leather-jacket-quilted1. Avoid Head to Toe Leather

Head to toe leather can look tough and flat. Instead, pick one leather piece to be your focal point and mix it up with a dress or skirt in a different material. You’ll look classier when you combine black leather with varying textures and patterns.

For example, this ladies black leather jacket is being worn with check knit skirt and wool turtleneck.

2. Try Ruffles

If wearing leather makes you feel too tough, then try look for a leather coat with feminine details like s light ruffle or a subtle peplum detail.  This great coat is edgy and feminine at the same time.
3. Pair Leather with a Silky Blouse

A soft flowing blouse in silk or chiffon creates a modern contrast and adds softness to this hard-edged, woman’s black leather jacket.
4. Use Leather as an Accent

If you just can’t get your head around leather, but want to look fashionable, why not use it to accent a part of your body such as your waist. This belted leather-waist dress  is a great example of that.
5. Choose Classic Shapes and Styles:

This leather pencil skirt from Mugler is perfect for the office. Pair it with a printed blouse or one with a bow for a feminine touch.
6. Go Easy on the Hardware

Studs, chains an zippers on leather may be fun but a cleaner look is classier after 40. Don’t go overboard with shiny hardware that makes you look like you belong to a motorcycle gang.Think elegant, not rock and roll and you’ll get it right. This beautiful quilted, women’s black leather biker jacket from Via Spiga is classy, but still very cool.

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  1. How about a leather skirt that is not a mini (just above the knees) when softened as explained above and not worn with other leather?

    • Hi Mary,
      Sure Leather skirts are fabulous…just not a mini. At the knee or just above the knee is best, and try wearing your leather skirt with with black tights and tall boots for a great look. Above the waist you can wear a silky blouse to soften things up, or a jacket, or top that is not leather. You’ve got the right idea!!