How To Look “Wow” in Winter White

winter white suit

If you want to wear white in winter be sure to choose white and off-white fabrics that have some weight to them.

Fabulous After 40 fan Sara Ehrlich sent me this cute photo of herself decked out in winter white that she recently posted on her 40+ style blog.

Doesn’t she look fab?

Yes, white in winter, you’ve probably heard it’s quite acceptable, but how do you commit to wearing it when all your life you were told it was wrong?

Here are five styling tips to get your head around wearing white in winter and start looking wow!

1. Change Fabrics When the Temperature Drops

You’re spot on if you think breezy white linen pants and airy cotton tops look crazy worn in winter. However, you can winterize white by choosing heavier fabrics like denim, mixed cotton and wool. When it comes to wearing white in winter, fabric is key. The weight of the fabric will make a difference to a winter outfit looking silly or sensational.

2. Mix it Up

It’s hard to get that stereotypical image out of our heads of a woman, dressed head- to- toe in summer whites, strolling along the beach  with the with the deep blue ocean in the background. No wonder we ask ourselves, “Is it o.k. to wear white in winter?”

One way to make white feel right in winter is to pair white with black.  Now at first, this may seem horribly wrong, but it’s very modern and fresh. Mix a soft white cashmere sweater with a pair of black skinny jeans, and a pair of grey suede booties, or try an all-white knit dress with opaque black hose, high black boots and a black jacket. Still feels weird? Read on.

soft white cashmere sweater

Wearing white in winter is modern if you, especially when you pair it with black accessories.

3. Go for off Whites

One reason that all white, black and white, or white plus any other color in winter may seem odd is that you are still thinking stark white. To look wow in white in winter, I suggest you try wearing softer shades of white. Why?

  • Creamy whites look warmer and weightier and add depth to your look.
  • Wintry whites with hints of yellow feel cozier.
  • Snowy shades communicate richness and elegance.
  • Creamy whites don’t wash you out the way bright white does.

4. Vary the Texture

If you’re starting to warm up to the idea of white in the winter, and maybe even a head-to-toe white look, be sure you incorporate some texture into your outfit. For example, a lovely monochromatic look would be a soft flowing long white skirt worn with a chunky cream cable knit white sweater.

Another outfit might be a silky ivory blouse worn with a nubby white pencil skirt. The variation in texture is what’s going make you look modern and hip, not like an old lady.

soft wool white pants

Wondering how to wear winter white? A monochromatic look, tone on tone from head to toe is powerful.

5. Add Some Glitz

If you want to elevate white to a place of total elegance, then a bit of shine goes a long way. A bit of bling in the way of jewelry, or a touch of hardware on your bag will look luxurious and rich.  Want to try wearing white pants in winter? Then how about pairing soft wool white pants with a creamy white sweater with some silver embellishment? Or, try some shoes with a touch of metallic. See how these gold cap-toe pumps add a little zing to a prim leather pump.

6. Say Yes to White Jeans and a White Winter Coat

One of the questions I get asked most is, Can you wear white jeans in winter?  The answer is easy, yes! But what do you wear with white jeans to make them look year round? One idea is to pair it with a fabulous off-white coat or jacket in a cozy winter fabric. Add a black turtleneck or boldly colored sweater, black leather boots and bag and scarf, and maybe even a leopard print scarf for a fun and playful look.

How are you planning on wearing white this winter? See how these 40+ fashionistas wear white in winter. 

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