Interested in Modeling? It’s Not Too Late!

Ines de La FressangeDid you hear all the chatter about the 51-year-old model who has the fashion scene all a twitter? According to news reports, ex- Chanel model, Inès de La Fressange, “stole the show” at the Spring Gaultier show?

The fashion industry has always ignored “real” women, even though we’re the ones that are doing most of the buying!

But the tide seems to be turning…  With new modeling agencies popping up that specialize in “older” models, there is still a chance to fulfill your lost dream of modeling!

Hairstylist Christopher Hopkins just let me know about a Real People model search and make-over contest happening at the AARP website.

Here is a photo of last year’s winners:


Hopefully we’ll see more mature models strutting their stuff on the pages of mainstream magazines soon!!

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Tina vazquez says:

    Today I spoke with a gentleman in school. I study web design. After a few moments we brought up age. He said I look about 33. Thank god it wasn’t the morning. I am 55 years of classic beauty. I stay active and wouldn’t mind doing some type of modelling. I have the eyes of a cat, the skin of a peach, am a bodybuilder and yoga student and wear a size 4. I have personality that is rare and authentic. Pls help this inner and outer beauty with any contest info or modeling info. I would love you for it. Regards from the big apple. Hope to hear

  2. Sandy Knutson says:

    Hi everyone, I am 57 and have always wanted to compete in a modeling contest. I am 5’6″ and a good weight. I do not look my age but am proud of it and what I have accomplished in life and still continuing to do.

    I retired from United Parcel Service last Jan and I am going to school online to finish my Associates in Paralegal. I have done some modeling in the past. I would love to do Fashion Print. It is a paasion of mine.

    Let me know of any future contests. Would love to give it my best shot.

  3. For models they don’t sit very well. :)

  4. I will be 50 in January, I do not have a great skin, am 5ft 7, weight is 90kg, what can I do to become a model but am a nurse by profession and it has been my dream to become a model.

  5. Jessica Mpofu says:

    I am turning 41 in July and ever since I have known myself, nobody ever believes my age. I have people forever commenting that i look as if I’m in mid 20s and as of lately I have developed so much love for modelling ’cause I always think, if I have the body and the look, why not.

    The agencies that i have tried to approach have not assisted me in any way but I take it, one must always expect these things before they could actually achive their dream.I would really and dearly love to be a fashion Magazine and now getting a bit confused as to how I can get my dream right.

  6. Very cool! People always tell me I should be modeling. I am 44. I live in TN not so much to do here as NY or LA.
    Anyway, It’s good to hear others are out there doing this

  7. I just had my 49th birthday, and all I think about is modeling.
    I have always wanted to model, I did a little in my 20′s and I
    also did pageants. I loved every minute of it. I would love to
    be able to fulfill this dream.
    Will you be having any of your 40+Modeling contests on the future?
    Can you also advise me on where I should go to help me pursue my
    Your advise would be very much appreciative.

    • Hi Lisa,
      I have seen lots of women get into modeling late in life, but if you want to get the inside scoop on how to do it, there is no better book than, How to Break Into Modeling for Under $20.00, by Judy Goss.
      Just click here or go to our site and look under Style books.
      The author Judy Goss is a former Ford Model and knows the behind the scene tips in how to get started and not get ripped off by common scams that are lurking out there!
      Good luck and keep me posted on your journey!

  8. Tracey Simpson says:

    I am nearly 49 years old and have been told on many occasions that I look younger than my years, and I watch all the programs relating to glamourous women in their fourties and would like to know how I pursue my dream to model. I would love the chance to be able to walk the cat walk and model the deigner clothes that would be absolutely tremendous.

    I am going to become a grandmother later on this year and this made me realise that I feel as though I have lost my identity as a women and have lived in the role of mother for many years and would very much like to have the chance to regain my confidence.

    I would be great if you could pont me in the right direction I would be very grateful