Is There a Skirt Length Rule?

Hi Deb and JJ,
Is there a rule about skirt length after a certain age? I work hard at the gym and my legs are as sexy and shapely as those 20-somethings. But since I’ve long left my twenties behind, does that mean short skirts are a thing of the past, too? I am very short – just 5′ – and long skirts make me look even shorter! So what are the guidelines about hemlines? I realize micro-minis are out of the question, but what about skirts a few inches above the knees? Thanks! 


Hi Morgan! Hemlines have been all over the map for so long, that we feel strongly that skirt length is all about what looks good on YOU! That being said, you certainly have the right gut feeling about long skirts, because at your height, you are correct in assessing that they will make you look shorter.

Above the knee, but still work appropriate

Above the knee, but still work appropriate

The mistake many women make is that they don’t take into account the thickness of legs, knees and ankles as well as the length of the leg.  This is what counts in skirt length. If you like the look of your knees, then an inch from the top of the kneecap is about the highest you should go. If you work in a professional environment, you might want to make sure your hemline is appropriate and conservative. We love that you are still showing off those great legs! We applaud you!

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