Jumpstart Your Style

10 Little Lessons to Dump the Frump After 40

Finding your style can be very confusing, but think of me as your personal style coach — always by your side! I’m here to help you get inspired and get moving to update your image!

Deborah Boland ~ Style Expert & Publisher

What People Are Saying:

  • Paula

    Fabulous After 40 Reader

    Jumpstart Your Style” was very helpful to me. After being a stay at home mom with 5 kids ranging from 20-2, I sort of lost my style…whatever it was..when I had it….I think! I am looking forward to paying myself some attention!

  • Ilona

    Fabulous After 40 Reader

    I LOVE Jumpstart Your Style!! It’s SUCH a great book and I love your (writing AND fashion) style. It inspires women to keep eating well, to stay or get in great shape, and then get out and try fun clothes. Awesome stuff!!!

Take A Glimpse Inside The eBook

You’ll get quick tips on how to:

  1. Avoid the 20% clothing trap
  2. End your wardrobe nightmare by organizing your dysfunctional closet
  3. Create a smart and easy plan that will make shopping a breeze
  4. Apply the golden rule of shopping to save money
  5. Determine the styles that complement your unique body shape
  6. Understand which colors can make you look old and why
  7. Select clothes that are in sync with your personality and authentically you
  8. Participate in style exercises that will help you discover your true style
  9. Get ideas on how to have a modern hairstyle that harmonizes with your wardrobe

About The Author

Deborah Boland is the publisher of Fabulous After 40®, a global online style magazine delivering daily beauty and fashion tips to help mature women Tweak their Chic®. 

Prior to launching the site, Deborah was an award winning Television Producer and Host as well as a top media image consultant. 

Now, as chief “Glam Gal” at Fabulous After 40, Deborah believes that life is too short to be Frumpy!

She’s on a mission to help women 40+ look stylish and feel confident, because when you look good you feel good and life is so much more fun!

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