Las Vegas – What to Wear When You Are 40, 50…?

Welcome to Las VigasHi Deborah,
 I’ve got an upcoming short trip to Las Vegas and wonder if you could offer some appropriate ideas for what to wear in Las Vegas at night and also during the day?  Specifically, I’m looking for casual day-time wear that could transition to dressier evening attire. Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

Thanks,  Sue

Las Vegas is one of those surreal places. It’s like walking around in a dreamland because life goes on 24 hours a day, and most of the buildings have no windows so you lose track of day and night!

What to Wear in Las Vegas

Ana looks perfectly dressed for a night of clubbing in Vegas.

It’s an “anything goes” type of town, which means that some gals dress so super casual that it’s ridiculous. I’ve seen women walking down Las Vegas Blvd. in swimsuits and cover-ups.

A few years back I spotted a woman entering  Celine Dion’s evening show wearing tacky jean cutoffs, a tank top and dirty sandals.

On the flip side of the coin you see lots of women who choose to dress up. Vegas is famous for glitz and glam giving you the chance to wear something you wouldn’t often have the chance to wear back home. If there’s something in the back of your closet you have always wanted to try, this is the place to bring it! Just remember to always keep it classy and not too sassy!

Not sure of  what to wear in Las Vegas? Here are some of the things you need to think about:

  1. The weather -It’s extremely hot outside, 100+ from June to Sept,  and very cool in the casinos and shopping with the air conditioning blasting.
  2. The shoe issue – You will be walking a lot! The Casinos are huge and you’ll be up and down the strip from one place to the next.
  3. How to dress age appropriate and still have your wardrobe feel fun and sexy!

Here are a few ideas that might be helpful:


You’ll be going from burning hot to freezing cold so take along a few simple cardigans or pashminas that you can carry to throw on as you go in and out of stores and casinos. A lightweight boyfriend jacket that you can roll up the sleeves on is also cute and sexy overtop pants or a dress.

Take comfy shoes.

Believe me you will be so sorry if you don’t. Also bring along a pair of sexy heels for when you want to dress up, but even then slip a pair of lightweight flats in your bag as you go from club hopping.


A little sundress, a  maxi dress or a pair of  linen pants and top are perfect. Cool and classy.Chic tapered cropped pants are good too but no heavy, hot jeans. You will die in the heat

what to wear in vegas

what to wear in vegas


For special dinners and a show bring a cocktail dress and some bling.

Swim Suit

Something colorful and sexy and definitely a nice wrap and big sunglasses.


In the fall and spring bring a jacket. Las Vegas gets chilly during these seasons believe it or not. It’s the desert.

Take a sweater

It’s chilly. You’ll need it to put on top of your sundress when you go into the casino.

Oh yes to the maxi dress!  



Before the show Le Reve, Here is a pretty gal in this Quicksilver maxi. Just perfect for the hot night clubbing in Vegas and still looked elegant!

Wondering What to Wear in Las Vegas Nightclubs? 

This gal was at the show and looked liked she stepped out of the good old days when people actually “dressed”, but in today’s world she was a little over dressed.

Dressing it up or down!

Here’s a great idea for what to wear in Vegas clubs if you want to dress more modestly… a long sleeve dress with a sexy neckline!  She had on flat white sandals that looked great!

Have you been to Las Vegas? What did you wear? Comment below and let us know. Any tips are appreciated!

Sexy neck line

What to wear in vegas




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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I’m thinking of wearing a maxi and strappy flat Gladiator sandals to my daughter’s high school graduation. It’s inside at 2:30 in the afternoon…

  2. Katherine says:

    I think the lady in the electric blue dress looks fantastic. It’s the shoe’s that date the outfit. Matching and way to high and closed for the dress which is a thin fabric and strappy. She should have gone with strappy sexy sandles and rocked it. Kudo’s to her for not being afraid to let her light shine :)

  3. The sundress at the top is cute, but the woman wearing it is much too old to pull it off, even with the sweater.

    • Hi Sue,
      We do not think the dress is too sexy for someone that is in good shape. It is loose fitting and because JoJami is small breasted, no cleavage is showing. It does look like she should have tighten up the straps a little. Also when standing the hem is only slightly above the knee. We will have to take issue on your comment!

  4. Great advice.

  5. Katie Perry designs super comfortable clothing for ages 40+!
    They’re great for all occasions, can be dressed both up and down and best of all, they’re made of great quality fabrics that feel lovely on the skin asnd don’t crease (perfect for travelling and busy days!)

    Check out her website or visit her Facebook page!
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  6. Crocs over here are made of plastic and have the front covered in (can’t see toes) & a strap around the heel. They come in lots of different colours & are really tacky. Maybe ok for gardening but not much else.

  7. Yes, extremely casual, you’re right! I really worried too much, as like you said “anything” seemed to go at most places any time of day or night. Have to mention that I saw one poor lady get her maxi dress caught in the side gear of an escalator while she was stepping off — just a caution to those that wear maxis! Luckily someone quickly flipped the “off” switch, but her nice dress was definitely ripped in the process. I did fine with a skirt and a summer dress with sandals plus a pair of casual linen pants with some different tops and outside of having my cell phone stolen, had a fun time!

  8. Hi Deb, Thanks for answering my question! Returned last week from my quick little trip there and felt I did okay with the wardrobe I brought along, but your suggestions will also be useful to me in the future.

    • Hi Sue,
      Glad you had a good time! I was wondering if you found Las Vegas to be super casual? That is what I found! Also, there seemed to be a big difference in what people were wearing depending on what hotel we were in.

  9. They’re not what we call crocs here in Australia ….

  10. In case you were asked to attend other businesses which are outside business, you can definitely wear ladies suits even outside the corporate environment since suits are not just meant to be use in office. Through this, you can definitely make alterations from a day business function to an evening wear.

  11. Ha, ha, the lady in the maxi dress is wearing crocs, and they are very comfortable!