Meryl Streep is Age-Amazing™

Meryl StreepLooks like Meryl Streep has had some help to tweak her chic! She looks Age-Amazing™ in this red satin number and the belt is a knockout! Quite a glamorous change from her usual laid back hippie style.

Meryl StreepMeryl, who was once on Mr.Blackwell’s worst dressed list has found out it’s never too late to make a change.

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I couldn’t resist: Her waist is too thick for that wide belt. Love the look, keep ending up at her waist.

    • Hi Christopher (aka The MakeOverGuy)…Hmmmm…. you might have a point there, about the belt, but it is still a big improvement for her.
      I think she usually wears BLAH colors and that red really pops on her! ALSO, LOVE the large sunglasses… so many women over 40 seem shy to try them, but Meryl really pulls it off!

  2. Meryl is a great actress,quite lovely(especially her gorgeous skin)…
    BUT…tasteful style or the latest fashion is not her interest, and as anything you have no interest in –you can’t do it well. Meryl just wants to get by, and is not particularly vain.She’s in the public arena,and for those occasions rustles up something–and unfortunately it’s never been good.
    The lack of interest is in her private style does not mean she hasn’t the interest in her costumes for her roles.

  3. OK… good call on that fact about the pocket placement. I agree with you on that. It is certainly not the most flattering look..However, I give Meryl, the thumbs up, for looking great for her age and moving away from her bohemian look she had sported in the past. She moved up on the style scale. Glamour becomes her..Remember how chic she looked in the Devil wore Prada.

  4. What? That coat, and especially its pockets, puts 20lbs on her. Her shape is totally lost.

    The love color, though.

  5. Meryl is always FAB!

  6. She looks fabulous! I actually really love those cat-eye glasses she is wearing. I have a pair myself. ;)