Modeling When You Are Over 40

Hi Deborah,

I am probably too old to be featured on your blog. I am 66, have long hair and for the first time at 64 entered and won a model competition to go on catwalks with footballers.

modelling over 40Last year was selected to represent Miss Germany in an International Pageant and I came 2nd in the Mrs Commonwealth UK.  I have had no cosmetic surgery or face filler etc. to date. To me age is just a number and I just make the most of what I have. I am also a positive thinker and to me the best is yet to come.  Regards, Christyne

modeling after 40

Thanks Christyne for sharing your story with me. No one is too old to be on my blog! Many woman want to get into modeling after 40 and it sounds like you are having fun with it!

model over 40

I love your simple cut that shows off your healthy hair! You look amazing and are obviously a natural beauty! Also, your attitude serves you well!!  Good luck in the future!


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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Hi there I’m 41 and I’m interested in modeling if I had a chance . It’s good opportunity for us that after 40’s some agency is looking for senior model and hiring.i hope I’ll be lucky as other do. Thanks

  2. d.stewart says:

    Many women want to model, but there is still much discrimination against petite women, I’ve even heard tall models slander and put down shorter women. How are women under 5’5″ ever supposed to make it in an industry that promotes very tall and very skinny models? SO MUCH FOR EQUALITY!

  3. Monique Jennings-Alston says:

    I am 40 years old I don’t have any experience in modeling but would like to become one. I live in Hartford, CT where there is no modeling classes within my reach. I am willing to travel to New York City for training but I don’t any agencies in New York who are willing to train someone who don’t have any experience and is 40 years old. Please help me and if there is a modeling agency or modeling agencies please email me a list. There are so many plans that I have and would like to see them come true. Modeling is one of them.

  4. mahsa khanpour says:

    That’s really great ………

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments I do not think that I am special I just make the most of what I have got. I am part of the new young/old generation and there are a lot of us out there. I refuse to think old and like to wear mini skirts and any of the latest fashions on the high street that I think that I can get away with. I love to laugh and make new friends and try never to think of age…as I said before it is just a number and means nothing really. You are whatever age people think you are. My philosophy is to have as much fun as possible and look forward to tomorrow and seek out any new opportunities. I never thought that I would be able to model at my age or come 2nd in a Pageant, but you never know what you can do if you do not try. Best Wishes Christyne

  6. I wasn’t surprised either! I am in my 60s ….and I think I look great! heeheehee! ♥♥♥

  7. Why should you be so surprised to see someone looking great at 66?
    Maybe you should check out advanced style, idiosyncratic fashionistas
    and style crone and see how great women (and men) of all ages can
    and do look!

  8. Well…you KNOW I am loving this! She looks FABULOUS and what an inspiration to all of us! I would love to just follow her around and find out her secrets to living life to the fullest! I feel great about my life but I want to strive to be even more confident! Doesn’t she exude confidence? WOW!!!

  9. She does NOT look 66! Wow!

  10. Bravo! You Go Girl! All those great sayings, good for you, you are absolutely beautiful and even better confident.

  11. Jennell Thornton says:

    All I can say it that she looks amazing!!! I can only hope at 66, I look half as marvelous as she does.That natural beauty wins out every time.