Master The Moto Jacket – 3 Easy Looks

A beautiful leather jacket is a worthwhile investment that you can enjoy at any age. In the last few seasons, moto-style jackets, with an edgy biker vibe have been most popular. Here’s a look at the many variations on the moto theme, and what to wear to master this look.

how to wear a womens black leather moto jacket

1. The Cool Black Leather Moto Jacket for women

This is the jacket that instantly comes to mind when we think of the classic moto jacket. It’s tough, it’s rocker and oh, so cool. Sometimes black leather can be a little challenging to wear after 40. I suggest you wear it with a striped top and red accessories to brighten up your look and make a bold, modern statement. If you prefer a vegan version, no problem. There are lots out there.

If black is too biker gang for you, no worries because, a little less hardware and a change of color can make all the difference.  Take a look below to see what I mean.

what to wear with a womens leather moto jacket

2. The Friendly Brown Moto Leather Jacket

Brown is considered a friendly approachable color and you can see here how it softens up a black leather moto jacket just that little bit to make it a warmer, less threatening look. Add a pretty print blouse and a bright, happy bag and you have a casual and relaxed, go-everywhere look.

Leather moto jacket for women

3. The Feminine Pastel Moto Jacket

If you feel your style is too feminine for a biker jacket, think again. Pastels have been huge lately, and they are drifting over to the biker jacket world. Here’s a moto style jacket, that’s not even leather. It looks soft and pretty in this heavenly shade of pink but the moto style gives it just enough edge, so it doesn’t end up looking too perfectly precious.

Do you own a moto jacket? Check out these other modern ways to style a leather jacket.

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  1. I love the pastel moto jacket, what a great alternative.

    • Hi Linda, This jacket is a clue to Spring. I just got back from Florida and there are all kinds of pale, pinks, yellows and blues coming out. I can’t wait to dive into these fresh, feminine shades. Cheers, Deborah

  2. Love the looks. But please don’t ever call black or this look “threatening”. This stereotype translates, yes, unfortunately, to PEOPLE. (Have you watched the news lately?) Black is not threatening. Unless you’re already afraid.

  3. I love this post! I would like to buy a leather coat but I need this kind of research to decide on one! And I would have to try them ALL on! heehee! ♥

  4. Leather jackets are so timeless; definite essential

  5. I really like Eddie Bauer’s Stine Leather Jacket – esp. since I got it on sale late last year for under $200! I don’t live in a very cold climate so it was the perfect choice for a nice looking but not too heavy leather jacket that goes with my very casual life style. The brown was a nice deep chocolate brown – softer than black but still deep enough to go with most outfit choices.