Edgy Moto Jackets – What I Wore

Moto-inspired jackets are a hot trend right now, but perhaps you think they just aren’t your style? This week I’m showcasing 3 Fabulous After 40 readers who took a chance on the motorcycle-inspired leather craze, and it turns out, they look Age-Amazing!™

metallic-moto-jacketThe Bomber Moto-Jacket

Remember how popular big bomber jackets became after Tom Cruise starred in Top Gun? Well, the bomber jacket is back. Sort of. This time around the bomber jacket is more streamlined and a lot less bulky.

Style blogger Adrienne Shubin wears her bronze bomber jacket with head to toe black for a “stand out in the crowd” look.

You won’t find the thick layer of fleece lining or the patches on today’s bomber jackets.

Instead you’ll find the jackets are brighter in color and have feminine details such as ruffles and asymmetrical zippers.

You’ve got great style, Adrienne!

Color = Confidencered-moto-jacket

Ladies, if you want to appear more youthful, add color to your wardrobe!

I absolutely adore this picture of Margy in her red moto jacket. You’d never guess that Margy is 73 years old! She has the confidence to successfully wear this jacket and wear it in such a bold color. With its off-center zipper, this jacket will never be mistaken for a biker jacket.

You are rocking that jacket, Margy!

If you love Margy’s jacket, don’t miss more gorgeous  non-biker leather jackets in styles you’ll love.

 black-leather-moto jacket over-40Moto Mama

Fabulous After 40 reader Debbie, who lives in Wisconsin, is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice style when the temperatures dip below freezing. Debbie, 61, loves her edgy black leather jacket. Here she is wearing it with a pair of black, skinny moto jeans adorned with sporty, zippered pockets and a cozy, winter sweater.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a moto jacket, but have no idea where to start, take a look at a few of these options. They are gorgeous and don’t shout “Biker Chick!”

black-moto-jacketThe Standard-Issue Moto Jacket

There’s nothing boring or blah about a traditional moto-style jacket.

Fab reader Ottilia likes wearing her deep brown moto jacket with fun animal print accessories to knock her look out of the park.

Another way to add dimension to a dark moto jacket is to pair it with colored denim for a burst of color.

Very chic, Ottilia!

I love hearing from you and cheering you on, Glam Gals!

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  1. I think Margy looks great in her Moto jacket and I like how she wears it.