Novelty Knits – Not Always Fashionable over 40!

Cute, sweet, fun are the words that sum up many of the novelty knits I’m seeing this fall. That’s exactly why it is best to stay away from many of the sweaters that belong to this silly trend if you are over 40! Take a look at what I mean. All sweaters from Nordstrom.

Novelty KnitThis sweater looks good at any age (WINK WINK!!)Don’t end up a fashion victim this fall. This saucy sweater belongs on a teenager, period. I don’t care how darling you think it is. It’s foolish after 40! (…but your daughter might like it)






Cartoon SweaterCartoon CrazinessYou’re too sophisticated and chic at 40+ to start looking like a comic strip.  Don’t let the joke be on you.


Novelty Knits that Work Over 40!If you want to wear one of the novelty knits go for one of the graphic ones. Dramatic lines and patterns look more chic than rows of puppy dogs. See what I mean below: .Novelty Knits
Web of Wow!This is one fabulous top. It’s called the Zig Zag Sweater from Nick and Zoe and what we love about it is the mix of colors, cool pattern and body conscious fit that skims your curves. Red Graphic Print Knit
Chain of EventsLink Up with this Fabulous sweater from Diane Von Furstenberg. I love its simplicity and bold mature statement. Chain Sweater

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I love your site and think you always have such great advice. Two wishes, though — 1) how about featuring more over 40’s who are significantly over 40 but still look “agemazing”? and 2) why not give some fabulous fashion suggestions that don’t cost quite so much? I loved 2 of your novelty knit suggestions but they were each over $300! Not quite in my budget or my lifestyle.

  2. wanda in edmonton says:

    I like Dale of Norway sweaters for casual winter wear, too. Novelty knits, but not cutesy, kiddy stuff.

  3. It is often so difficult to define the concept of “taste” and, for us grownups, what is “age appropriate.” Kudos for great, illustrative examples of how to wear this trend without looking dumb. What I also find interesting is that your appropriate examples for women over 40 also look elegant on these much younger models. Good design is good design on a variety of ages, as we see here. Thank you so much.