Sophia Loren No Old Lady Arms

sophia-lorenThey’re one of the first things to go once you hit midlife. You wake up one day, look in the mirror and are stunned to see that your once shapely upper arms have suddenly turned to flab and are hanging down like big hunks of jello. How did this happen and what the heck can you do about it?

If you’re smart, you’ll do what Sophia Loren does. We remember reading a long time ago that once Sophia started aging she made a point of cleverly covering up her arms.

At 72 she still looks fab because she knows how to shine the spotlight on what she’s still got. She uses clothes to accentuate her best features (her still wonderful bust line and waist), and play down other parts of her body that aren’t quite what they used to be, such as her aging arms. It’s a simple Hollywood trick and it works beautifully.

The other thing you can do of course for “old lady arms” is to exercise. You’d be surprised how how much you can tone up your bicieps and triceps if you are loyal to a simple fitness plan.

We found some great arm exercises at the Blogging Boomer’s carnival #16 which is being hosted this week by Your Drum. Check them out!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. It’s really incredible that she has been 72 yrs old!

  2. Let us all band together to fight Old Lady Arms. It’s the scourge of old age.