How to Hide Old Lady Arms

What to Wear in Summer when you want to hide your arms?

The arms are one of the first things to go. You wake up one day, look in the mirror and are stunned to see that your once shapely upper arms have suddenly turned to flab and are hanging down like big hunks of jello.

How did this happen and what the heck can you do about it? In winter it’s easy, wear sleeves. In summer, it’s tricky. A lot of women don’t feel comfortable unless they cover up their arms even in the hottest of weather. So what do you wear that is cool but gives some coverage.

Here are some ideas:

Try a 3/4 length Sleeve

For  99.9% of women who like to cover their arms, it is the upper part of their arms they worry about. So to keep covered by stay cool, why not try a 3/4 length sleeve. This length is practical and keeps you cold. Plus, it is very youthful because you are showing some skin at the forearms.

Go for Sheer Long Sleeves

If you take a good look around you will find a few long sleeved tops with sheer sleeves. Peasant blouses, which are very in at the moment, often have sheer sleeves.This is a favorite trick of celebrities like Sophia Loren.


Play with Off the Shoulder

Most women have great shoulders, so a top that exposed the shoulders  can be very pretty and alluring. The best part is this type of type hides the tops of your arms. Everyone is looking at your neck and shoulders and no one notices your arms.

Experiment with a Cold Shoulder

One of the most popular tops of the summer is the cold shoulder. this is a top that let just the tops of your shoulders peek through. It’s a sexy look, but a little less exposed than a full off the shoulder.

Try a Lace top over a sleeveless top

Sheer lace tops over camisoles have been a huge trend and work well to divert attention away from saggy arms.

Try Sheer Top over a Sleeveless Top

Wear Flutter Sleeves 

Have Fun in a Tunic or Poncho top 

A poncho top has huge flutter sleeves that camouflage your arms extremely well.

Wear a light cardigan or wrap

Sometimes you want to go with a bare arm but you don’t want it totally exposed. Try a pretty summer wrap draped around your shoulders. This is a great look especially in the evening.


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  1. It’s really incredible that she has been 72 yrs old!

  2. Let us all band together to fight Old Lady Arms. It’s the scourge of old age.