Finding Mature Models is Challenging

Hi Deborah,

If you are an over 40 site, why do you use such young models?

mature female models

Mature female models

Hi Wendy,

I get this question all the time and I am  frustrated too… you see to there are just no photos of “real women” out there in current clothes that you can buy! I want to be able to show you things that you can go out and buy, but all the stores insists on using ultra young and super skinny models!

A few years back, I was excited to start working with a NYC modeling agency for women over 40, but they went out of business!

That is why I try to find women on the street photos, but it can be frustrating for our readers, since most of the time the outfits the women are wearing was purchased a last season and can’t be found now.

One note, The styles suggested on the site can be worn on most body types, it is just that they are being modeled by young, thin women!

If anyone has suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I will be 57 in January, never suntanned, have not allowed knife or needle near my face or any part of my body for that matter, and the majority of my 1100 followers on are 35-45 year old men who haven’t a clue of my age, and most often guess me to be in my 30’s, and when I do occasionally tell one of them, they are shocked, and some are in complete disbelief. And I wear my hair very long, was sitting on it until 4 months ago when I cut 8 inches off it because it was becoming such a nuisance. Photographers are calling to do photo shoots from Model Mayhem, and I’m not sure I will be successful….but gonna give it a try.. Thank you for all the great articles in your magazine…love them.. :))

  2. Marilyn Rothman says:

    I have a better figure now than in my 30’s. I am fit and certainly can show you many women who
    would show our generation
    I exercise and strength train four times a week.
    I also think you have to work harder to promote over 60 Women on this site and in the media.
    This is an excuse that has to change.
    We are a majority population and must change this image.
    Let’s be seen!

  3. This is a great idea for woman, over 40, to have the opportunity to embrace a career in modeling; whether it be for the first time, or a continuous effort to succeed in the industry.

    I feel more secure now, in my fabulous 40’s, to pursue a modeling career! I have been approached, on numerous occasions, by people, asking me if I have ever modeled, or if I currently model. My answer to them has always been, “NO”. I am now ready to change that answer to a RESOUNDING “YES”! ;-)

  4. maria leech says:

    hi its great to see woman over 40 modelling makes a real change to see real people i love it ,,

    i love to do modelling has i keep myself fit buy doing weight training and i dont look my age am over 40 love to send a photo in and see want people think about it ? could i

  5. I have been thinking this very same thing now for the past year. I also think some make up companies should do the same. I know a lot of women in my age range who are looking fantastic. Women want to be able to relate, and think and know they can look the same. Call me if you need me:)

  6. Lisa Youssef says:

    I think since you are putting pics in your magazines, you should hire normal sized, over 40 women. Good make up and the proper clothes can make over forty women beautiful. IGIGI has an excellent line of clothes and styles. I am sure this would be a great investment, business to get into. There are a lot of us out there looking for normal sized over 40 looks. If I had the funds I would start my own agency!!!! Way to go girls!!!

    • Hi Lisa, We agree with you! We are challenged to find stores that will use models that are over 40 and that have real bodies!
      Thanks for your tip, we will look into IGIG. We hear you loud and clear!

  7. taylor bartoe says:

    I think this is an excellent idea!!
    It is always disappointing to see teenagers in ads or catalogs that are targeting the over 40 demographic.
    I was a 12+ model with Wilhelmina Ford and Brand until I took a break after having my daughter. She is now four years old. And it often times feels like its too difficult to even start back.
    Seeing these kinds of shows and contests are fun. I think it gives women a chance to dream again, reinvent themselves and remember how beautiful they are inside and out.

  8. Are there agencies looking for women over 40? I’m 48 and have friends over 40 who are quite fashionable……How do you get involved?

    • Well the Red Agency in NYC was hiring models… (see our own Andrea Bond past post) however I believe that it went out of business. You might contact model Judy Goss author of How to Break Into Modeling for under $20.00

      We will keep everyone posted as soon as we hear more!

  9. Deb,
    Just saw this article. I was one of the “lucky ” ladies that did go to the call for the division of over 40 models, and was selected as one of the models at the tender age of 50! So very disappointed when we did close. I think the voice of these women need to be heard, and seen!! We are looking great at this age, but more importantly ….. feeling great. And, I might add more confident and self assured. No longer is there competition , we embrace and empower each other at this age. I far more wonderful feeling than the competitiveness of our younger years. I would love to sent my photo. Love this age!

    • Hi Mary,
      Please send in your photo. I’d love to post it.
      Isn’t it crazy that there are no women in ads over 40 except for the odd token boomer. We can see her now. She always has very short sporty gray hair and a perfect body..not that there’s anything wrong with grey hair, but this sterotype is only a tiny sliver of how women 40, 50 and beyond really look. When are they going to wake up?

  10. I’m willing to be a gineau pig! See my photos at above–I try styles and am posting them on my blog. If you’d like, just let me know what you’d like me to try and I will!
    Paula Ruta

  11. I agree with Kelly, maybe do a Glamour on the street outfit ideas. Photos of real women, in real clothes that fit, look good, and are in style! So what if it’s last season, one season back should not hurt, many still look NICE! Who needs a release, random photos of do’s and don’ts. Who doesn’t want their picture taken?

    • Hi Davon,
      Ok… you have me inspired! If anyone wants to submit photos of themselves or friends and give me permission to use them I will post them!
      So true, taking a woman’s photo and telling her it will be posted as inspiration of a fashion site, always seems to make her day!!!

  12. I hope you will! I’ve been researching it for some time and you are so right that there are very few modeling agencies focusing on the 40-80 market. I have friends and family in their 70’s who have not given up on current fashion and would LOVE to see some models they can relate to.

  13. Why not do your own model search? Ask 40+ women to send in photos of themselves in current style trends and signed releases to use those photos on your web site? Maybe a contest twice a year to encourage it? Stores like Talbots, JJill and others may be interested in sponsoring some sort of award as a means to get marketing awareness. Many women over 40 (esp. over 60) are likely to have disposable income for fashion.